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Ben Phillips - Agent ZETA

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: Benjamin Horatio Phillips
Birthdate: 29/September/1988, Manchester, England
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2006, became Agent Zeta in November 2006. Became Team leader in August 2007
    Collected and confident, this is a somewhat apathetic member of the Alpha Omega Squad, as well as a "Magister" (Team Leader). He takes it seriously some more cerimonial mannerism and etiquette, even though, wouldn't discriminate other by lacking that. Disposes interest for history and academicities, however makes short of it as declaring his noblest of intents in AXIS is serve humanity's frontlines against demons (whoever they may be), believing that there is a capacity of commonwealth between such diverse species, as long as they clinge to a determined, defined, reliable and self-centered law. Turns out that despite everything, he believes and even preaches about that law being a rather military one, passed down through history, and even more free of constraints when properly organized. Turns out his "mannerisms" are rather his inducers to keep organized in his efforts and intents, probably unaware and more likely undisposed to even think about privileges, focusing comfortably the "here and now" as if they were carried out like that from "forever". Sees himself as championing for Civilization's cause, even more in less gray, and more black and white, whilst facing demon-kin, not surprised when they are involved in guerrillas, black markets, human traffic, drug cartels, insurrections, - showing it he lacks but the most important. Class conscience. And without it, History becomes a shallow discipline - the more he likes, as it fits his often considered secondary hobbies. His only regret is how AXIS is kept under facades, secret from the public. Sure that demons could cause disarray, people should at least be aware that there were personnel fighting for them no matter the power or unescapability of the threat ahead. Those who get to know him... knows it's just blabbering, as he wants it for fame.
    Hobbies, Activities, Lifestyle: Amateur Tennis and Golf player. Fencing practicer. Car racing and driving. Expensive hobbies, collections. Researcher of war history, tactician. Enjoys pike-fishing. Keeps exercise schedule, practices jogging by the morning. High Class society.

    Benjamin fakes it very well, since he collects and memorize well some big deal of written information, but will often not put it into material use, only for crafting support lines for recurring narratives. Sees himself as a hero, fit of the British Armada. That said, he's an eternal contender for classes full of worldwide personnel often remembered they're the best of the world. Think of the ego... But he can keep it collected and cool, since despite all, there are always people who got your back. Serve. Since he first joined, he was helped and helped by some guys to earn a place in the campus, but he wouldn't rest with the duo. He moved out, on his own accord, to a trio which would better fit his hygienic lifestyle, with Vitorio Manfredi deTomaso (SIGMA) and Nathanael Trindade (regular member). AXIS Staff kept it well, since it was still in their agenda put some use to Agent Sigma's raising into a team, since the same used to skip some exercises. Ben would have an initial distorted grasp of the institution due Vito's own accordance to it - he was a veteran, but by one year and as good as an outsider - he was a different case - with his armor won by money and a treaty, of course. However, he had plans.
    Ben would fit in both worlds - pressure from the military side of AXIS, support from its academical one. That highlighted him those members he saw anything relateable, such as Drake (EPSILON), to whom he was surprised of finding a particular noble lifestyle, as well as he got to learn yet another view on the rather unknown (given his lack of reference) Baltic Countries (which he couldn't help but think of it as a backyard, until then by his limited geographical view on history), and Drake seemingly had his own sense of knighthood, maybe even more than Vito, who was rather just good (or tried to look so) with words. But it was the same trio on itself that would restart the then defunct "Fencing Club", a way to put into use all the melee weapons AXIS had in diversity and quantity, before it all rusted away in some private collection. There it was known Jack (CHI) and Klaus (DELTA) caused some ruckus, and both had but no responsibility with the "secret clubs", which at time grew like as secondary powers to the staff itself. Ben saw in that a corruption. In the natural yearn for the least of a commonal space and of a place to lash out and throw away any fad, unfounded rumour or uttermost lie, he saw a threat against authority. Or that or it was just another narrative so AXIS' expenses were better put into "his" fencing club instead of that secondary secret party-making, initiatory bullshit circle of friends. That earnt him some kind of unpopularity, and he'd become very well a "policeman" of all the deeds he deemed like a "corruption", like Jack and Dylan (DIGAMMA) extortion techniques to newbies. There were sues against those, and he created a profile for him, one which Vito would follow out of comfort in this new "habitat".
    But Ben grown estranged of his as he was pursuing to build up some physical prime before taking in the Alpha-Omega contests that were going on. Vito was never trainning. But when he learnt even Daniel (ETA) got hands on one (knowing such fact is very well a deed of corruption), he didn't risk losing time any longer, and went on the trials to use, or rather pilot Zeta. Inspired by the stories of the staff regarding it, since it belonged to brothers, both magisters, he was really proud to wear it. Which would have vets like Doug (OMICRON) dismissing it as nothing but a bedtime story. Faux tales. This feeling of distrust affected him somehow, and he'd lash out only against demons, or screaming at people, earning enmity of Tahira (PSI) as it was considered "mean" (despite instuctors doing it all the time). In service, he had no use to contacting United Nations, and for that he was supportive of Lana (NI) and Dalal (TAU) when it came to their policies regarding the need of international law and intervention on the demon phenomena, since it was as well a matter of cartels, traffic, terrorism, and then, security.
    Time would come when agent Nick (MI) appointed by UN personnel, would come to reach the institute and the ears of those who vouched for it... only that they didn't expect a gangly buffoon, an internet troll, to become one of them. While most would complain about the newbie, Ben would take the hard task, as a Team Leader, to make something out of his endless babblings. Sometimes he failed, and discovered ties between Mi's activity, his UN personnel and obviously corrupt gangs in the rotten core of very formal parties across different democracies in the world. But he didn't let that slip, and kept it to himself. In the end, he's got a fanboy in Nick, who would relate better to him than his assigned team (aforementioned Jack and Klaus). He could use him like Vito, as mere sell-swords for his demon-hunting crusade. He kinds of became weary of Drake when he learned he was a werewolf. He doesn't trust demons, even hybrids, now matter how controlled, civilized they are. As the barriers are blurred, one can perceive he doesn't trust what he doesn't know... But then he did know Drake long enough... as an agent and knight solely. He's also known to be apathetic to the Walkers, Melissa (KAPPA) and particularily, of Lance (OMEGA), whom he actually despise.

His family is a high class one from Great Britain, which bases much of itself on nostalgia and a repute they claim. They sport themselves as extremely loyalists to the monarchy. They offered up to some five or more generations to the British Army. His mother is working in pharmaceutical industries, his grandmother was a nurse in war. She's very cautious about hygiene measures. While his older brother joined the official British Army and its Air Forces, Ben would have grown a bit of his childhood visiting the aeronautics. His younger brother already played with war machine and plane miniatures, now he's a high schooler. In midst of this, he was requested participation in AXIS, and he had it to check for their curriculum if they were anything up to date, or else he could have either joined the army or Oxford, maybe Harvard. But the serious factor which made him join it was no ordinary promise. AXIS' Staff wasn't short on high hopes, and they revealed arrays of demon phenomena their agents have collected throughout the current decade. Shocked, by the estrangeness, exquisiteness and myriad of forms demons came, he was in the central spot of all the converging lines of his interests and his abilities. AXIS had it all, may there, through its instructors, he find an use to anything he and his family - and its five or so generations of soldiers, had to strike for something he knew to be capable of joining them... as a human species. In August 2007, he fought against a Triton in the Northern Sea, and survived with footage. The staff verified and granted him team leader status so he could employ personnel in search of more sea-creatures.

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Balboa Facility,
Panama, produced in 1982
Power: Cyclone
The "armor of Cyclone" is actually a symbiotic suit with highly resistent yet flexible material that is on itself pretty much a plane. Its self-powered helix captates the direction of wind and the suit collects the temperature of the heights. The rocket-powered engines are capable to steer by the user's will, and will reproduce the speed of the wind (from the helix) into the turbines, as if "generating wind curents", but only resetting it through kinetic energy. The more the suit is used, the faster the process, the more energy it collects, and the higher the height it gets. Is in some sort, a suit of speed. May defeat Kappa in race because Kappa got to deviate from obstacles and jump ledges in the surface, however, that didn't happen as the user of Kappa is in constant practice. Lambda may keep about the same speeds at water.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Sky Team: A personal summoned team by Instructor Pi, and distinct Team Leaders Ypsilon and Zeta. Those three are flying suits, and have average to deep stealth properties. Often called to patrol on midnight ownwards the schoolgrounds by request of Marco Friedenreich.
    Leader of the Swallow Infantry Team: Ben's wish tofight alongside his bro come as closer to this, defending some navy fleets for each three members... only that he'd need put into some use agents Mi and Eta, whom he had as personal candidates for the most dull of the alpha omega agents. Got to impress the older brother by being the better professor too, right?
    Participated in a particular mission in Romania, as both he and Marco (PI) looked for Vampire activity... Until they got caught in a fight between Lance (OMEGA) and a Fire Lord, a demon who's also a staff in league with the Chinese Party Chairman. That caused some international ruckus, to which he preemptively blamed Lance for the attack. Lance grown out of favor, as both the most strict instructor and student went against him. He left on a hiatus of service to cool down...
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