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"In the beginning, there was the lógos, and the lógos was near to God, and God was the Lógos. This was in the beginning near to God, all from Him came and without Him nothng can come-into-being. On Him there is life, and life is the light of humanity. And Light shines on Darkness, and darkness doesn't comprehend it.
There was a Man, sent by the side of God, a name for him there was: Ioannes. This came to witness, with the end to witness about the Light, for All to believe him. (...) And the Lógos became flesh and inhabited with us. And we saw his glory, glory of an only begotten near to The Father, full of Grace and Truth."

This man was near to God, this man came from God to tell the world his Word.
As a beloved disciple, he served God's lamb. As a witness of Miracles, he became a prophesizer. As the author of the encrypted messages sent from his various communes in Asia Minor, he was blessed.
For fulfilling his commitments to His God, he became Immortal.

But Immortality has granted him a different view on life, he felt his purpose wasn't fulfilled yet. He saw with his own eyes many simonists taking on the mantle of the community leaders. He saw people martyrized and betrayed, to serve usurpers of the holy cause he was commited. Those who gave up on the journey and died in old age insted of martyrdom and persecution were remembered as church-founders, as missionaries and as serving his holy purpose. He himself was believed to be dead, and while he acted for his cause, all he received was a brutal payback.

Immerse in scalding oil by the very Roman Soldiers, servant of the State, the world's sustenance of Law & Order, the urban mess and home to an abusive aristocracy, he was deemed to die once and for all. But he survived, and grew stronger. He knew, since then, he was the Beloved Disciple. He'd never doubt about it. Living up to a millennia of events, he's been tracking record of what has happenned with what he deems as his cause, his people, and from empathy to comrades to a megalomaniacal will to rule there seems to be a confused and cryptic man living just to fulfill a role in his (abnormal) life time.

As the civilization on the kósmos crumbles, he sees no need for is secrecy, and at last he has a grasp of his communal life like he did in Asia Minor, and of a serene and mindful confusion, like he experienced in Patmos. Founding his own "Johanate" on the former lands between Teutonia, he uses his own Helm of Ahrimathea, the fabled Holy Sword and his own word and discourse. When that fails (mostly, since his complex and mystical speech are rther misunderstood), he appeals to other macabre ways of persuasion, mind-control, remote commanding and cerebral information manipulation, through a perfection of the Atar particles and balance with his own charged persona.
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