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Archibald and Anna G.W.

Archibald Graham and Anna Whitaker, Father and Daughter, Private detectives, recurring characters with important roles in the current events of the Original APKALLU Universe. They just recently started working together, and both have very distinct skills to achieve their missions.

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Archibald Graham
deals with the supernatural.
    An officer who served the London's Metropolitan Police for a time. He followed service right by the end of his college. His wife Elizabeth gave birth to their first and only child whilst in a travel to Cairo, in 1988. Anna, their daughter, was raised in Montreal, Canada, as they moved there. Among his service, he's stood for implementing counter-terrorism measures, efficiently mined actions of criminal organizations, pursued corruption scandals and put them on trial, as well as solved mysterious cases and brought assassins to justice. His trustworthy assistant Gilles Leroy came with important conclusions and served for giving insights of missing details. Beginning to write down everything he steadily spoke, he ended up with a series of books, turned into fiction of course, but still few publishers would touch that. Archibald has been going out with MI-6 as well, and became an old timer in Gibraltar and the Tangiers.
    As he moved to Montreal, he found it hard to implement the same structure he had when he joined the Mets in London. Pursuing something more political soon enough the different bureaus would request different approaches, and he'd resume service as private detective to escape from complaints about the obvious racial question his office was accused of. As all was about to go to track in his solitary work out of the institutional ruckus, he found things no forensics could explain. He solved mysteries regarding industrial theft but was always in second thoughts after giving affirmations on the culprits (something he got from Gilles). By the turn of the millennium, he knew that there were supernatural matters pitching humans against one another. He's had a long lasting rivalry with a shape-shifting entity who personified a former girlfriend of his in college years, and then back again in 2000. He'd part from his family to solve cases he was reputed to be the "most capable of" from solving. He found relics in the way (Sun Eye of Horus) and was accused of having stolen it just after giving it to the Cairo Museum, in personal mailing. On the search of the object and of the true culprits, he learnt how to use its powers from a mysterious smuggler and passerby, as they went as far as to the Hebrides to retrieve it. The man, Thracius Affonse Flannagan, soon informed that after using it, the artifact was a husk and Archibald pretty much had it in him already. He could change temperature and manipulate aetherial plasma. A good use was lighting up the cigar without a lighter. He returned the relic to a museum in Lacia. The problems with shapeshifters would continue and he'd be stranded apart from family for that sole unexplainable reason.     Once again he wasn't satisfied with the closure of the case, for obvious reasons. Some random cultists couldn't personify others, despite they being prone to serve the entity based on fuile promises or by the honor to being devoured by their 'summon' before all others. The lucid dreamer Archibald was then taunted by an evil ancient entity and offered guidance by yet another. But that's another chapter. Certain something bad was to come, he sent Gilles in an undercover mission, to serve as a professor in the AXIS Academy. He was fated to take care of Ann and make sure she was made one of the Alpha Omega Agents. At time Anna was giving up responsibilities and being escapist. Teenagers. It was a difficult relation to mend, but he did so by sticking back to Montreal, acting as private detective once again. He had a promising background for an officer in London, but after going in search of the most difficult, he cherished it best a familiar life. Anna was inspired by his demeanor and 'heroism', and would follow his steps. However, the proposed invitations for AXIS just hit the mail box. To know details about Anna's services in AXIS, check it here.    

So what are AXIS Agents doing today?
As you may know (did it got you in surprise? Check this), the facilities have been closed, the personnel got distinctive badges, and funeral silent remains about their staff. Something may cover up the deaths of those who fell in the last disastrous missions. Like them or not "demons" are here to stay. But sponsors as sponsors (at least the sponsor which didn't close its doors) they are, found a way to make legal means to which those who were alpha omega remain with the tech as long as they keep under law jurisdictions. Some seem to get that line a bit too far...

Anna Graham Whitaker is a survivor.
    She had a key position in the highly dangerous Operation ATLANTIS in April 2010. Stranded in a cartographical mystery, the island continent of Nahui-Atl, she was the undebatable authority of the squad, just under Agent Xi. But all went wrong from the beginning, as they got separated, and the staff member was the first to disappear. Failing to let the team joined, she sticked to original team leader Nina Roux, Agent Ypsilon. She was a trusted member but unfortunately others of the squad didn't think that. Each found a different mean downward, some were just left for dead. For how could've they prepared to face a lost civilization of lizardmen? They had problem with just one (of course, he was faster than a bullet), now with a civilization, or better yet, a warrior civilization and untold wilderness, plus their enemies (declared or not), who like them saw no use for humans but as a living sacrifice. Not even the armors could've survived that.
    Teamwork was vital, and Anna, who got vocal about it in all her service, faltered in the most dangerous field as of yet. She was as well the secret force behind Nina's self-confidence. Desperately she realized she being down brought others as well. They were all dragged down by this joint. However, to protect them from the hunters and from the shadows no other than the known lizardman had guts to spare them in front of others of his "kind". That's it. The one they faced as a demon was actually, originally a human boy who could transform into a lizardman.
    She already had some kind of shock for listening to the "side" of those she came to hunt had to say. She knew they had kind of culture, intelligence supposedly more developed than some human individuals, but she couldn't fathom how creatures such as Paynal and Triton could "undiscriminately kill". The answer was in front of her. She weighed it down, knowing she was highly influenced by media, publicity, blatant lies, self-idealization of her service, and self-deception of her role in that, not fully realizing the ethos of the teenager lizard man, or either of the Triton she knew of. Her mission was supposeldy rescue humans from the Island. She realized some which were there willingly to serve as sacrifice. She'd rather intervene on that. What the briefing didn't tell was exactly which humans they should look after, which demons held them, and from who they had to be "saved from". The State of Tahuantinsuyu's Secret Police was in, altogether with the most dangerous demons, the Daevas (alternatively known as Xcoa or Yana-Phuyu), whose only way to defeat involved the Yaxchilan blades to which their formerly known "lizardman fiend" and recently discovered to be a teen assassin, disposed them with, just in case. One could believe it'd emminently lead her to a breakdown. Like if two thousand events in less than a month.
    The mission was over, and but a handful of agents survived. Three out of the entire squad. They relied on their former enemies and carried out the next days in a trembling state. Of course they'd eventually find out they weren't even supposed to come back. Lana Bridges former Agent Ni helped both Nina, Ann and Kai to legally acquire their armors and live under a state of protection ever since they defeated the conspiracy within AXIS: it's vampire principal.
All seemed to make sense. They didn't hunt demons, just those who escaped from conscripted geographic limits, imaginative boundaries like our own frontiers, and AXIS served no bigger deal than a common joint of bounty hunters serving its contractors. Willam (Paynal's human identity) didn't lie, after all. His secret identity wasn't known, all he gave them was a name, and without AXIS, at least those known to her wouldn't hunt him down... unless he continued his killings. Trying to prove there were other ways for him to reach his goals (that he described as freedom and integrity for the sentient beings), she even had what it takes to "start going vegan". By two months she fully "transitioned", despite he'd never directly learn that. It was anonymous, and particular. It couldn't automatically do anything.

    However, despite protecting this secret, she was still "reforming" herself of the shock in some three months afterwards as she'd note very similar occurrences in the suddenly broke up recordings on the hub of the other on-going mission, Operation SCIROCCO. Eventually, she knew there was a particular agent missing here and there, in convenient times the very Triton would attack the misled group. She brought the secret to knowledge of her father, who invariably has taken it into seriousness. Moving back to England, this time with his daughter, he'd cooperate once again with MI-6 to carry out a secret operation. They were in the midst of a crisis. Urban centres were under attack, rioteers took control of major spots, and among them, not only Triton but Anna's former colleague Agent Kappa were spotted in action. She had grudges against her, but by reading aforementioned reports back and back again, she began to think that Paynal wasn't the only human demon... It was a most encrypted secret, despite that, they had leads that concluded she was cooperating with the Necoc Yaotl Movement, and she just led them to the Triton - who directly menaced the royal family....

So, Father and Daughter are finally to join the battlefield. That is, if they lose control of the situation. Will Anna use her LAMBDA suit again? Lambda's gun certainly comes to hand...
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