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Apolorak XG: The Battle for Utopia

This battle starts the latest chapter as well as a fatal ending for what I dubbed as Apôlôrak X continuity, cycle of stories into a futuristic setting conceived around 2004. It was a specific series of stories from my late childhood, and have had some alterations, without a doubt dragging influence from comics, games, manga, anime, tokusatsu and overall sci-fi fantasy.
The inklines and digital painting were done in August altogether with the recent stuff I've posted on dA.

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According to my own stories, this is the second "timeline" in sucession.
In 2004 we were introduced to the protagonist Aplo's future as a cyborg fighting for his life and in service of T&C-Tech (stands for Tinteno-Criticazoican) against the belical power that the Juventists (under the banner of already known Archibald and his military counsellor Zon) have become. Then the stories follow two paths: that of Aplo, in 2004, and those of Apôlôrak X in the far future (revealed later in the story as actually being just a decade after the current events - to everyone's shock), where all are cyborgs. The defeat of Zon cause the Juventists to retreat and his mastermind to reveal himself as the full-extent technician who "fused" dimensions in order to implement this automation. Happens that he wasn't the only one and TC Tech's has a hidden, unknown anonymous sponsor to give support against the Juventists. On charges of tyranny, Archibald (here known as Juventist Cyborg) flees, and that causes divergent scenarios as present and future shift one another. That because Archibald in future and past may look different but he's one and the same, he's the Arch-Dreamer, Traveller of the Unknown, who in his dealings with demons and angels, invoked the wits of the Spirit of Chaos to distort time and space.

    What followed was his last resort, uncovering the spirit's "Messiah" (named Lapolo) to defeat the T&C Tech, and attempt to control the Spirit itself. For despite all the dimensions he could go after, it was in this future where his views could concretize: those of an utopian society, one his daughter ruled whilst in his absence (as in the meanwhile he secured other deals and lived other lives). However the Messiah was unstoppable, and even made TC Tech's champion go astray for some time, rendering destruction as almost complete. His eventual recovery unsealed many secrets about their foundation, being the most worrying finding the TC Tech was actually backed by other evil A.I. just for the sake of competition with Onyx. At time, future resounded to the then present through "spectres", and all the time-skips were to be reset in an event known as the "Spirit Fight", where people future and past fought on another plan of existance, summoned by techno-shamans. After the event, Apôlôrak X realized his time should never have come to be, and parted ways with his past.

    These concerns are later carried out by the TC-Tech who want to claim independence from this evil A.I; but in turn they lost support and resources, becoming independent survivalists, a "resistance" in the undergrounds of a world ravaged by war. Led by re-discovered cyborg Natasha, who could summon their former champion (Miredrinn), they camp around the walls of No-Faiase: an utopia using the corrupt power of the Chaotic Spirit (Spiricto No Faia) by the No Faia Cyborg, Archibald himself. In time, Lapolo had been split up for some interference (by other A.I; Moloch) meant for him to reduce his powers. One of his half became Lapolo X (the Xis from the present), the other took another identity until he rebuilt his soul and faced once again his benefactor, claiming him from the clutches of the No Faia Cyborg. While that should be settled in the Spirit Fight, the fact was that Spirito No Faia himself chose to maintain Archibald in such a position. His concern was with another one.

    Lapolo X came as far as to betray TC Tech under some different alias, but ever since their discovery of his nature, he meant to rebuild himself out of Lapolo's ambitions, knowing that in the end he was just a tool for No-Faia. No Faia in turn meant to use Archibald's daughter, at least to prove Archibald wrong. His deal with the devil concerned proving that despite all the evils and mistakes done across history, the history proved to be just sketchlines for better conditions, with that in mind, there should be a point in the future where such progress was achieved (The Timewave Zero), thus making all the past suffering irrelevant. With his ambitions and Onyx's infallible data calculations, the next generation should have found plenitude. Worrying prospects, viruses like Onyx's creation Zon or unstoppabe beings like Lapolo (which took effort joint of TC and Juventists to be brought down), should be on the past, for his daughter would've conquered people's wills and received unanimous power over his utopia (at time named "No Faiase", given the spirit co-opted the entire Juventist populace). She was an un-paralalled creation in terms of A.I, stemming from the recollections and memories from all dimensions Archibald passed (and managed to have a family - the same always - a wife and a daughter, no more no less). It was his favorite, and all the peoples would need her song to adjust to such "timewave".

    It didn't take long until the present shifted the future once more, and No Faiase, being apart from that time-wave, proved of little consequence, a bubble in the cosmic ocean. No Faia broke free, but Archibald didn't give up. Instead, his daughter, dubbed SHELL (in truth a cyborg version of Ann G Waters) faced rebellions with an iron fist. Those which chose to fight for the returning Lapolo were branded traitors. In time, the TC Tech found opportunnity to invade such walls, until they found they've been once again played. However, Lapolo X gave them a warning beforehand. Should they have trusted him despite his past betrayal, they'd stand another chance once within the walls. As time lapsed and the war continued, the No Faia Spirit, this time under Lapolo, re-assigned the entire city to fortify his own being. It was if all efforts from mankind in all-time served for the creation of their own destruction. This is where we are now! Onyx no longer repairs Zon, but rather fuses with it, and all sides are torn. Who's going to, after the fall, rise above all?

Meet the belligerents! At least three factions are engaged in conflict:

The General of the resistance, the only one who could resonate to their former champion, Miredrinn. She is an early model of cyborg, of unknown origin, as she was believed to be entirely synthethical, an android (i.e. without a human body or memory from before her creation). Despite amnesiac through that lot, the Minotaur instinctively recognizes her. Brought from past to present, and present to the future, in order to either save it, or make the time-lapse for all to cease from such war-torn world. Natasha is not her real name, but she was nicknamed as so for the TC Tech dubbed her "little-X", and from that, dubbed the projects concerning her as little xmas. A related name comes to mind. Without a sense of time and place, her only joy has been the battle. As we see, she grins on her brutal kick.

Formerly known as "Minotaurus X", he was a Mutroid, a non-human cyborg with a mutagenic vital liquid for sustenance. Used to be the long time champion for when TC Tech was secretly sponsored by Spectro, but has a much larger past. The very Asterius of the myth, his life goal has been an eternal hunt against the "Storm God" Zon reputed to have destroyed his civilization. After the timewave took place and automation hapenned, he replaced memories only to focus on the destruction of Zon, then Archibald's right hand, and effectively on par with him. His disappearance ocurred after he answered the calls frm the past where "Natasha" was. He saw on her a possible way to defeat Lapôlô once and for all. They both seemed to have pieces of an once single creation, the Crown of Ammon, the Ram God. But that's another chapter... Now, he focus on what's ahead: and like always, roars with anger at the target!

Apôlôrak X
The last man to become a cyborg, whose face slightly reminds us his original self - one who has brought the Tinteno-Criticazoican back into relevance, the moment he opposed Zon in both present and future. His major difference to other cyborgs lay in the inside, as he has the power of the legendary dracmas of the Aplôrak, entwinning magic and technology further into new level. The fish-like cyborg finds his nemesis at Lapôlô, who is back and full at this last fight. They realize it was no storm god which sank the T&C Civilization aeons ago, but the tectonic plates, ordered by the heart of the volcano - a tyrant king from Egypt. Parting ways with his human side, he knows this fight may be the last.

This Autonomous Combat System has been a split from someone powerful, yes, but it developed it's own code, one driven by services and money to assure it's unuseful survival. In time, he realized the survival was just a long-shot in such a world. For this once - he means it - he'll be fighting for free, and for the TC Tech (whom he betrayed some 4 years ago), for he senses it's more than duty, but destiny, to, before he joins his other half, make a change in the world. His soul is restless, and that can't be shared! His body, however, is left lifeless (despite the smiling expression he carries on even to death) at the hands of the Shell.

Possessing the soul of the heretic pharaoh, Archibald has been a philanthropist to a cop then an enforcer, and climbed up the ranks until being the chief at No Faiase. From Juventist Cyborg to the No Faia One, now he's on his own, so he goes by his original name, out of favor from anyone. His main power rests on his gambling ability and the knowledge of endless dimensions, by sole experience. That made possible he win his every intent, becoming  both armed force, researcher, a good actor and now, ultimately having to resort to strength. He realizes once again the pain of losing a tooth. With a kick.

People would've missed a thing or two from her original one, Ann G. Waters. That because she was meant not just to be "a" living or sentient being, but the ultimate one. What she carried from her biological matrix other than the blonde hair, clear blue eyes and fetish for dressing in mollusks, was respect toward her family, in this tetric scenario, her father clad in crimson-colored heavy armor. She is tempted by the No Faia Spirit, but seems not to relent...
Behind that somewhat innocent face, she's as tough as tough can be!

Onyx is itself an artificial intelligence of alien origin. It managed to automatize an entire dimension, and has some distaste for organic lifeforms as they're now. Needless to say, given the chance, he mediated part of an Automation in this scenery. His only regret was that it didn't go in full. Meanwhile, his prime creation Zon, has been acting and collecting livelihood and experience like the aforementioned Arch-dreamer. Other than while Archibald sought those in common people, resorting to police force when things were rough, Zon has historically been, other than a storm god, by the side of legions, at the battle-field. After a defeat to a punk kid, instead of going into shame, he resorted to another exit: an enterpreneur for social media related websites and apps.
This was the beginning of the end. Onyx knew more about humanity than anyone through him. After endless battles and being left as carcass by Miredrinn, the virus and the creator became one - the acid-spewing skull you see now

The first mutant, the self-created messiah of the sprit of chaos, who came into being and was pre-existing to the creation of humanity, has been the continuous source of suffering for peoples who saw more than they were allowed to in this huge farm we call world. In his pioneerism, he was also the first cyborg, meaning he escape even from Onyx's schematics. Traditionally being older than the status-quo gives you an advantage, and soon the oldest diseases and virus rotten all the other cyborgs into a domino effect. Unstoppable, it took Miredrinn's sacrifice once to stop it, then a plot by outer gods, and next joints of unthinkable enemies. Everytime news of the Black Titan had been unsealed once again caused turmoil. Archibald was the responsible for opening his tomb, however, he believed Shell was a card upon his sleeve. She never got the chance to fight him, as she was always more busy in fighting Apôlôrak X, whose memories were unlocked right after seeing her clear blue eyes and bright golden hair. On the other hand, his memories toward Lapolo were earnt through pain of tons of hate crushing X's inner circuitry. As Lapolo lacked a counterpart in the present, his divided half went by a life and a time relied on rivalry with Aplo's. That rivalry may have flourished into a friendship of sorts, but none would ever admit it. Now they're about to settle it or take it to the grave. If there can be a grave after a thousand suns burn our world, that is...

Spirito No Faia
The big bad here, all the suffering means just some kind of fun or realization to this suffering-enhancer mentality, who drives itself on sowing discord and having the habit to destroy things when they get "boring". It dwells on the subconscious, feeding on nightmares, recreating itself at all times. This evil being isn't hated because it is largely unknown. To Lapolo, however, he sees some fatherly respect, and exchanges that in a feeling of duty. He knows whether it's his destiny or if he's being fooled by the Spirit, it's his choice to spread war. His strong sense of pertaining find another one like him, one who will permit his brutal lash out to take even on the world if it requires to. Maybe in the end, the battle is the result of his quest for his own self. It may take even an universe to find it! How many more stories of self-discovery can we survive to...

Now, what's gonna be of Utopia?
A dream, a revolution, a reform, or just a carcass.
Something half-done, at a second from becoming reality, or a minute away for destruction.
Should it be re-built?
Should it be the last city ever?
you decide! (hate when stories end like that)

Under the same dawn advocates of wealth and freedom spread their words like prophets do
Bring them down! Down to their knees! Down to this greed!

Fooling us again, while our screams not even silenced
This rage has been a weapon, but our hope will bring the doom
So many times I prayed:, so many times I died!

We burst the chains
And now we should be on our own, but the fear of tomorrow
Will drive you to their arms again

The golden age we're celebrating creeps out of the womb of the same old lie
A child of tyranny and hatred
A heaven for the chosen few

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