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Apkallu Originals

Depictions of some of the Original Apkallu counsellors, all central figures on the millenia-spanning mythos. The Apkallu are known as the seven sages of Eridu, a council gathered by Enki, a Prince of the Anunnaki Association of Nibiru, to teach wisdom, knowledge and critical thinking to the Ummanu ('humans' born outside Nibiru) residents of Eridu, which by the time was the most influent city of all of Sumer, and then its hegemon.

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The figure at the top is UTUABZU "who ascended to heaven"- Ptah (this is mentioned to have been brought to Nibiru by Inanna, where he might been accepted into the council with approval of other Anunna gods such as Anu.) was born in the 25th Century b.I, in Egypt (Hut-ka-Ptah).
Among his core philosophy, he supports the accumulation of knowledge, values technique, and all kinds of labor which ties a problem-solving mind. He sees rationalization and objectification as merely "collateral damage" of a higher autonomous project which will eventually fuse the split Basileis-kings and the Technicians-artisans into a single Technocrat class.

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The figure with a Scythian hat is ENMEGALAMMA "who was born in a house"- Abaris, who was born in the 26th Century b.I in the town of Hyperborea, Helladeas. Living among specialist geneticists, he was not influenced by their eugeny driven rationalism, that didn't avoid this calm being of developing empathy - yet he himself is a highly skilled weapons-maker, having worked for the Helladean Delphic Order into creating the Sekhem, a series of powerful tools. He surely believes labor specialization is highly misunderstood in most organizational groups, yet he doesn't fully embrace the concept of horizontality.

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The armored Triton is known as UANNA "who finished the plans for heaven and earth"- Asclepius, (also known as U-an, due to his human form by the time, later known as Oannes [a name which Enki was referred to in Helladeas]. Before the Apkallu council was dissolved, in a travel to the west he gathered with Sothis natives, Green Aluxob, and Hunahpu & Xbalenque, who founded the city of Dilmun, known as residence of Ziusudra/Utnapishtim after the deluge. The area of Dilmun was thought to be a paradise where the first Ummanu, or Tredius' middle eastern "humans" were crafted by the Anunnaki) was born in the 26th Century b.I, in Delphi, Helladeas.
Believes that yet perfection may not be achieved, the search for the line of lesser resistance, harmless to the living structures, is what encompass nature and rather life itself, respecting alterities themselves. The tritons, according to him, are direct product of such mentality.

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The two figures at the bottom are UANNEDUGGA "who was endowed with comprehensive intelligence" - Djehuti (Or Tehutti, mostly referred as Tot, also known as Trismegistos while as Djinn) who was born in the 37th Century b.I, in Chronpuch, and is the elder of the Apkallu. Colonialist and prominent leader, seeks balance on all matters, and dispose of much an autonomy in making decisions. Pioneered concepts of justice and despises violence.

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This council was the original formation of the colonizing services the Anunnaki disposed on Tredius (including the four here presented plus three other non-human individuals), whose diversity and plurality of thoughts became a rare sight in the anthropocentric society which is now ruining the planet itself.

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