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Anna Whitaker (LAMBDA)

The latest entry of the Alpha-Omega series of armors, it's Agent Lambda, who can reach far depths of sea and speed through underwater veils, on the seabeds or rivers' flows. A swift diver focused on retrieving lost people and gear in where no one can go, deep in the sea. She carries a special sonic gun and can throw stun lasers from her pulses. Her boot engines reach high speed underwater and limited levitation above.
About the woman behind the armor:

Anna Graham Whitaker
(b.27/04/1991) is a Canadian, Egyptian-born daughter of an American woman and a Scottish man (a British detective named Archibald Graham). Her background is of a playful cheering girl raised in high educational standards. She originally planned to get an acting or musician career, but she undeniably attained a liking for dance and gymnastics. Anyway, she became a highlighted student in her early years, and had some healthy physical prowess. When she was 15 (in 2006), she was directed to the private institute AXIS Academy, which wasn't only highly coveted wolrdwide because it's somewhat secret and accept only invited personnel. Due her father's contacts, she was properly invited and didn't miss the opportunity (despite parting ways with middle school and childhood friends, she never lost contact with them), so she joined it, in hopes it could bring her closer to a possible service for civil society.

She received a mildly highlight in the institute. It required more physical effort of high-schoolers than the normal schedule and less than a de facto military education, and at time she knew her 'dance' would be likely leveled-up with such professional trainers to become at least a functional self-defense acrobatical fighting style. She'd also sharp her aim and capability to carry a weapon. She never liked to use it, though. Her views on weapons were that no one should use it but only those ready for it (her father was the prime example, since he was an officer, a detective who'd only pull the trigger when there was no other option, according to his own views and to her hollywood-esque imagery, of course). Her proeficience in arts and literature found no actual support in the institution, but amongst her peers, she was kind of a role-model, becoming famous because of her beauty and free-spirited, yet gentle, manners. She'd also respond firmly to those who opposed her in any way, and would develop enmity to those who would ignore her.

About the institution:
    The AXIS institute employs agents who're 15 year old and higher to tasks that are arguably neglected by other military institutions (such as 'hunting demons', named hybrids, which were known to be coming from somewhere deep in the earth). They have trainings amongst special units of fire-fighters, marines and aeronautics of the diverse facilities it has across the world (most notably in Avignon and also in Hawaii). Such procedures are considered previously dated state-security immediate "simulation" events and the students are offered high level scholarship in aforementioned grounds. To earn AXIS scholarship is a very exclusive thing, and what was promised to Ann was a broader contact to the problems she sought to solve or to raise awareness of. Those students which carry out to the missions are given ordinary military gear, in a numerical production line attire branded with indo-arabic numerals.
    As the people who enlist or are invited to it are from wealthy or powerful families, meeting the request of having at least one degree of familiar participation in either science or security force (or in other cases orphans or adopted people which came to be selected), it became a rather pre-selected group of candidates for the 2006' service group (the institute was formally created in 2000, but it had its own fictions about its function even centuries before). Nonetheless, the AXIS is rather multi-cultural, and Ann got to meet people from the Emirates, Pakistan, Americans, Australians, people from Eastern Europe and so on. Having attained a "popularity" in such diverse cultural setting (but strikingly similar in consumerist habits and previsible high class hobbies) seemed fit for her expectations. She participated in the numerical series for rescue missions in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

About the tech:
    The alpha-omega series (often called alphabetic units, derived from greek alphabet letters) are a series of (as of 2006) 18 high-tech armors of unique powers, skills and abilities, of which 5 regularly are attributed to staff members (professors), and all others were passed to veterans for vitalicious contracts of use, since the armors themselves were both nano-technological and techno-organic, thus inherently symbiotical. The students which enroll to the process of acquiring one of those contracts (an on-going process which happens in the slightiest exercises on the academy, from completing written-tests, psychiatrist scheduled assistance, team-work, medical regular examsand even reputation) are invited to secret "societies" (as in fraternities and sororites) which not unusually they end up faring against each other (how, if by using pole-arms, fighting through a style [karate, kung-fu, etc] or by sportsmanship, if it's decided by a race, a swim, dive or something based in triathletism, is a matter dedicated to the powers of the armor that is available at time).
2006 was such a year, for it was when an incredible amount of 7 armors were availale to be 'inherited' by alumni, further creating tenson in the school community and raising sort of inner side powers in the institution. All would be regulated once staff members, through a secret agent of their own and veterans, controlled the documents emission regarding the acquisition of the armors and the vitalicious terms of usage. Corruption would be really visible to the political acute. Nonetheless, some of the tests were arguably flawless. Ann would fare against Melissa and lose the Kappa armor for her.
She'd win the Lambda armor (to which she'd grow very connected to, as if a part of her identity was reflected on it) by faring against Tara, who would receive the latest project Psi after completing a set of equations no one but staff members had managed to complete.

About the pilot:
    Since then, Ann who was a highlighted agent in rescue missions, would become more interested in more extreme missions. To require assistance in the Antarctica's cold sea or in the northern pole, she'd be brought up closer to the secret Agent Chi, who she'd discover to be no other than veteran Jack "Black", a somewhat popular figure and a womanizer. Despite that, they engaged together well in missions and developed a relationship. Ann would use that to get more knowledge about the institution and to lash out for the stress of the tiring requests of such an institution as well as to its failure for meeting her expectations to it ("hunting demons" showed way less social activity and rescue missions than she'd think). Her insecuritires were known and arguably explored by Jack, whose intentions Ann began to doubt at last after a year. Her discourses towards the achievements of the colleagues or her own accomplished missions were often praised due her energy in speaking her mind and setting a straight-forward tone to the upcoming generations of officers and 'geniuses' in the institute. Jack, however, was regardless, more working in the fashion of a bounty hunter. This caused a friction in their relations, and they broke up sometime in 2007. She missed her family, spending too much time serving far-away places. She'd never learn the fact about the armor's manufacturing nor the strangeness of the Ulhaden Co.acting as sponsor to such institute. She was a bit deluded after some 2 years serving the institute, but it was of no use since her use of the Lambda, which she came to be so protective of, meant vitalicious service for worldwide security.

By the end of 2008, she'd be serving under magisters, that is, students elected to form teams to act in missions. Some were relatively close to her, such as colleague Lana. On such occasions, they come together to piece out the parts of the puzzle concerning multiple "hybrid outbreaks". Of those the most famous were obviously Paynal and Bunyip (later equated to the Minoican Triton), which pushed the matter far beyond to reach public knowledge, leading to the most absurd conclusions. One of the magisters, Ben (who would've earned his armor, Zeta, after the last user, as well as magister, supposedly left the institution, despite serving for over seven years), would play a major role into bringing assistance of UNA, through military interventionism and Interpol hiring bounty hunters of disputed allegiance, serving more the Interpol's current leader than the institution itself. Her "delusional" view on the institution was ammended with a friendship she found in a newcomer agent in 2009, Nina.

    She'd be involved in missions regarding the investigation to such issue and to others, even coming to face demons as the Minotaur Miredrinn and Triton, who came to declare he had no intentions in harming her, despite fighting brutally even against her own colleagues. The world was too big for her to fathom, and she'd eventually serve AXIS up until its dissolution, in 2010. She met her father again by the end of 2009, briefly in a single day, and would remind to go after his help once the institution was officially closed. She'd earn the right to still use the Lambda suit, as long as she kept regular exams. From 2011 ownwards, she was living a "common life" once again, one she'd have yearned for long ago...
But this was far to be the end for her use of the armor. It was a responsibility she couldn't run from...

Hope you enjoy!
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This is a character heavily based in ideas used on characters dating back as far as 2002.
I re-imagined her throughout some years ago, and she was known as the superheroine "AG Shell" back then, due her own initials (Ann Goodwaters) and the scallop motif she used (and was adapted to the greek letter Lambda Λλ) is still there somehow.
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