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Anna Philopator

This is a possible color palette for the characters I've drawn for Inktober Day 17- GRACEFUL
You can check here to find later inktober's drawings or have full-res of the original black and white on behance

For this year, I've been dwelling in my old stories once again, this time re-imagining the pivotal "Spirit Fight" tournament, sticking how I could to match the official prompt list. On the championship, teams of three members fight each other through a group phase and then through three rows of classifying into the great final. This fighting championship involved techno-shamans from around the world. Given the disturbance, it was not strange to find techno-shamans from other dimensions, hailing from dystopias, utopias, with spirits, summonable allies and downloadable A.I.s more strange or familiar than the competitors themselves. Each had a question to settle in the fights, it's understood that merit would evaluate those who advance ahead. Couldn't be more wrong, as a mysterious competitor rigged the championship to begin with. They just find it out in season 5's finale (I guess...)

This is such a character from these stories.
Anna Philopator (Project Shell) is arguably the "Golden Creation" indeed, one destined to save the future and secure an utopia, to which "all suffering would have been justified as to the pavement of a holistic and timeless existance". That according to her creator and herself, of course. Deep down she has everything a killing machine has and more. Guided by her summons, the Goddess of Light and Justice, as well as to her newest, ultimate persona, the Queen of the Black Land, she is also overseer to a circle in Hell (guess which one - yeah, that's right), ruling the hellions as well as the inhabitants of her future utopia like they were "her children". Hailing from an automated future (dating eight years after the competition is supposed to happen), she was built during the times the republic-oriented Juventists competed with the mostly tribal Tinteno-Criticazoicans (remember that in such future both had equal belical potential). Things got complicated and they needed bigger sponsors. She was uneasy with the No-Fayans at first because of Lapolo, his disappearance for a while left a power vaccuum her father took hold off, and when he started to travel dimensions non-stop, she took charge of the sunset city of No-Faiase. Unsatisfied in conquering her system, she went on a time crusade to revert all places in the galaxy as sentries of this promised utopia. Or is it? We can believe she was either bored in her place as "queen" (take it No Faiase may have een a republic, but she's deemed as the most efficient ruler, so, voting has been classified as unexpressive) or missing her father, whodrifted a dimension to another, but there's much more to that.
The truth behind her creation was a deal between her father and the No Faia Spirit, who sponsored the man who've discovered his 'tomb', awakened his messiah, and wrought it's curse to the machines, believing the future was quite boring and needed a chaos factor in order for his creativity to bloom, one he didn't find in the brainy A.I.s. No giving in to evil so blindly, he'd have his daughter made in a late cyborg, the last to which no technology was parallel to, thus was healed of any possible virus. But the fiend of chaos was an old acquaintance. He made a deal in certain slice of his time-line, and while the proud father believed his successor would secure his 'realm of dreams', an 'utopia' gods future and past were jealous to, the fiend meant to break it from the inside. By her, if necessary...

People would've missed a thing or two from her original one, Ann G. Waters. That because she was meant not just to be "a" living or sentient being, but the ultimate one. What she carried from her biological matrix other than the blonde hair, clear blue eyes and fetish for dressing in mollusks, was respect toward her family, in this tetric scenario, her father clad in crimson-colored heavy armor.
Last time , we've realized some truth behind her creation. How she's a cyborg based on the likeliness of that time's tyrant true daughter before the automation took place and, despite this time never meant to be, she was made fit to rule, in a city which was architected to last forever, the original "utopia" for her people, the Juventists. However, she was kept away for years, turned off, all the while her father, despite 'great in wisdom', had to cede full power to a belical corporation as a sponsor, some longtime partner called Zon. This was an A.I. on itself, a god in the past, an enterpreneur of war in such a future. He made a "great trinity" with the reasonable despot, as Zon controlled the belical powers regarding the endless war which engulfed them in seclusion (despite an enjoyable one, as a city can be), as he went toward the "twisting abyss" (i.e - the space between the Atlantic or what remained of it plus the "corners of the world" where dark energy and matter engulfed the other half of the world), it was the capitain (he had a name, went by "Archibald Graham", but then he was known merely as Juventist "Capitain", Cyborg, to his enemies) was the one ruling it from the city. One was Poseidon, the other Apollo, their city Troy. The A.I. responsible for security, which both managed, was as good as Hades. They knew how it'd end. The tides of the battle swayed the day the Minotaur Miredrinn finally plunged the walls open, yet he wasn't the greatest weapon their enemies conceived - Apolorak X was the last man to become cyborg, and the difference was the magic he retained from the past age. He could copy abilities, skills, and control the weather, without to say he controled metal at some extent. War was no longer on their terms, the illusion of the city was not more convincing, and even civil war broke out. Then, "Philopator" has been activated to suppress the following "ungrateful beings" and wipe out rebellion. Meanwhile, the Capitain was rather glad the belical ways of Zon went unheard of, but he had no means to defeat the other side. Well, he did. By a long shot.

Aware of events that were, and those yet to be, he was more like Zeus when he wanted, reserving his Apollo impulsiveness when time permitted. But he unsealed the evil from the Forbidden Universe, from where all dimensions meet and twist. He had deals with demons before, and he couldn't risk losing the utopia to some artificial mongrels, hazardous steampunk sea ghouls and fire-spitting titanium minotaurs. Thus, he left for the dreaded Black Pharaoh (guess that since every Pharaoh has been black in ethnicity [since as far as we know they're natives from Africa], that "black" here's about the armor, right...) who stopped the Minotaur and Apolorak , shaking the core of their enemies. But the problem is, it'd not stop. Arch Captain also re-joiced when he replaced the consciousness and A.I. vigilance with something else, which possibilitated some moderate freedom, the chaos factor, and improved time-space travelling by 150%. But soon, the city was unrecognizable. He left his Athena out of spotlight for a while, in a touching goodbye between father and daughter. The dimension had made contact with a parallel past, which was visited by a certain zero particle, which tied it in time and space and could potentially annihilate both universes - only to have a "Big Bang" out of the ensuing "Big Crunch", starting anew elsewhere out of the city dome. In these dark times, they've managed to even have subtle ways to sway the tides of war, the utopia became named "No Faiase", and Captain Arch openly became a "No Faia" (you can read it as sort of a Ptolemaic Dynasty), taking the side of Lapolo. If all, that was the only way to defeat the demon - welcoming it. It lacked a past connection, so it was severed. Until it found in truth, it's past was hidden from it, possibly by Archibald of that time. Having what it takes, Archibald and his enemy merged their consciousness into Lapolo to have he split, had Miredrinn sacrifice to destroy Lapolo, and had erased the last lost city, where spirit and data converge. That forced the black titan to renounce his position and leave No Faiase for it's very own architect. On the crown atop it's ziggurat, "Capitain No-Faia" (maybe named arch something) did the most unsuspected move - claim the spirit of chaos - (in such "1984" scenario, it was called as "spark of life", "fire of the universe", but elsewhere it was good ol' fiend of chaos) for himself, and, since he could travel dimensions, he'd leave the role of leader to his daughter.

This is how Anna Philopator became loved by the people, despite the diverging sects became apparent, the less sociable and most hateful saw themselves on the Lapolo giant, the most goons and vitriol-minded wanted Zon to return. She, on the other hand, rallied more support, for people were tired of war already. In truth, she was made to defeat Lapolo should he turn against the city. Turns out he turned the city into something else. But Arch was fully aware he controlled Chaos, and his daughter did her homework. Aware that for a protectress she required more than the wisdom of a Goddess, she went to step further into mortal steps, down-to-earth (as a futuristic Alexandria-inspired city floating in the space can be 'down-to-earth'), her not-so-unexpected programming of summoning matched her with the persona of Cleopatra. It was a darker tone, and she knew she was mastering powers she had not before, becoming as well more relateable to the machinations her estranged past had, the kind of inner political and intimate schemes war strategies couldn't cope with. On that adventure, she grew weary of endlessly drift her city on the space. Appointing beings Arch would never meant to step in the city to key position, she's made a demoness the "chief enternainer" of her palace, and a deadly killing machine made by an enemy organization, one individual she considers in highest esteem and is convinced of being on her side, as her "dearest vizier". It was through them, as well, that she could come and go to visit and check out her past, realize she had no memories of such a time, and as well, fathom how life may have been in the time she was kept away, frozen (a time she has no way to quantify or to tell how long has been, or since when it was started, how much it lasted). While her shows of affection for the maintenance of her "biological matrix" of the past caused dependency and even obsession, it was the deeds of this "vizier" that shook forever the relation between such dimensions. Aware despite the promise, her father would not necessarily come back, and now this "other self" has denied her forever, she went to "undo her mistakes" in the old fashion. Compete in the Spirit Fight. Severe the ties with the past. Kill it, if she had to. 

The time began to rust No Faiase, showing it's cracks. Archibald himself was to compete in the Spirit Fight, and heard it's calling. Despite her team was not approved by him, he'd, like a father, support her. But he was in a stalemate, for her past still saw him as a father, as the Ashville Police Officer who went out all the night to protect the civillians.  Truth is, he'd be in many different dimensions, an existance of the one who dealt with the devil of chaos, entagled in multiple dimensions at once. He made a choice before, having to chose one of his girlfriends to become his wife and have a family. He cherished Anna enough because of the height of that choice. Now two Annas were there for him to support. As the tournament went on, he went to support the one who had heralded his creation, his city. He had the means, such as the Gloves of Sabazyos, more potent than the Plumes of AMMON when it came to mend dimensional wounds. He waited patiently as the two Annas became more unrecognizable from one another. Philopator lost the clear blue eyes the moment she attempted to control the "Spark of Life". Her hair was colored in black, and Archibald once again questioned his choice. He spoke no word to Good Waters, his daughter in the dimension the fight was happenning. He meant no risk to either of them, but he made the rational choice as to who could stand a chance in the ziggurat. His fears came true, as despite Lapolo has been neglected by the Spirit of Chaos in favor of his, Lapolo was backed by a series of events and personnel. No matter the others tried to control his power, tame his spirit, diminish his feats for the flaming passion he felt, traits they were unused to, he didn't lose either his humanity nor his demonic sides - becoming a dragon at will, coming into terms with what he was. Archibald, the day he discovered the tomb, made possible his resurrection - gave him a taste of humanity he didn't feel since some 30 centuries, and once again the spark of life, the fire of the universe could shine again. But this time, the self-fulfilled prophecy would come in height too, for he was seeking to extinguish the world, except his favored ones, "the strong". Deeming Archibald a traitor, a contender for the seat atop the ziggurat, he'd have he and his daughter eliminated. What unlikely means may provide their survival was about to be seen, as after all, Anna did manage to summon the Fiend of Chaos as both of the competitors did - proving his point - in the end, no matter the option Archibald took here or there, chaos would make a use of his work - no matter how good Anna did to the world - she was a weapon of mass desturction, and quite power hunger on her own. Arch himself created something to destroy the cosmos, the very city they cherished, where he raised his artificial cyborg daughter.

Every saint has a past... Every sinner has a future

Such is a line both Annas share in comon. She means to reconciliate even the most vile, to reform those others have no faith in, like her past self. In the end, maybe they're both meant to work together, and not to supersede each other's dimension over another, despite how frustrating it sounds to their father that his deeds were gonna destroy the world. But each has a different cast of supporters which makes their allegiance more than unlikely, into something virtually impossible

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