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Anna G Whitaker - Agent LAMBDA

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: Anna Graham Whitaker
Birthdate: 27/Apr/1988, Cairo, Egypt; naturalized Canadian, raised in Montreal
Admission in AXIS: Member since 2006, became Agent Lambda in July 2006.
    Serious and no nonsense, charming member of the Alpha Omega Squads. Anna keeps it professional and seems to behave exactly like a leader. Always ready to speak her mind, is keen in the art of discourse, and is reputed to have a strong demeanor. She makes sure she's much more than a pretty face, and is often on her own scope. Developed a strong sense of justice and before claiming to help others, will do that in accordance with proper jurisdictions and on-going authorities - a trait others may comply about - since the consequences of such help may take long and be less than desirable 'genuine' help. Haunted by the possibilities of her deeds being likely diminished by conflicting interests, she means not just to step on the highlight and maintain order - but walk across the front lines and do what must be done. If not, to be the one giving orders, only the most precise, decisive, and if possible, just. When she finds out the truth about demons, it only strengthen her own views. However, she's not close-minded and despite trying to avoid it, is full of doubts.
    Hobbies, Affinities, Lifestyle: She had a taste for performing, for fashion, musics and art in general. Learned how to play some instruments. Will follow publications of fashionistas and such but will search to find more simple ways of dressing herself up,in order to don't really "stand out". Keep regular exercises, but is definetely not looking forward to be a "stuntswoman". Likes to travel (that would be the best part of her service) and enjoys photography. Afforded to be a ballerinna for some early years and also was interested in gymnastics. Left most of it behind and was definetely touched to accompany her father's work (a private detective), so she made up her mind to follow a similar career.

    Anna left a big mark since entering AXIS. She was known to be a prodigy student and made herself so, with a strong sense of participation and attaining big deals of responsibilities. Those which she obviously couldn't count on weren't left, instead she acted like a middleman, connecting dots and raising the bar for the institute itself, helping it to find the answer to its problems on its own personnel. But outside of her networking capability, she wasn't much above average, despite her background, in both academical or physical activities. She had doubts about her service and Gilles (XI) would very meticulously put it on test. A friendly face, her father's former "sidekick" in investigation, he was a reminder of a crude fact that despite her efforts to help, it would take time and distance to be fruitful, meaning she couldn't even see what she was helping, or fighting for, she was sticking just to a primitive "life-for-a-life" philosophy. There were systematical problems and small deeds could (and would) break works of years. He was seen to others as a dubious psychiatrist and psychologist, but she knew him, and she grown to believe he was a bit of a charlatan (assuming he left her father by lack of trust - in fact they still worked together). She was constantly reminded of a time that never was, that is, of a familiar life she had so much cherished for, and she herself was running away from. Despite all that, she still overthought herself how she was in the "right side", with license to use a weapon to protect others from harm. She'd question that mission after mission, as she put herself on her father's place, trying to figure out if sacrificing a family life was all that worth...
    She got to know Jack (CHI), which had a mild womanizer fame when 2006's class entered, but she played hard with it. They were often paired in missions, while she was doing the Search and Rescue in sea, he was fighting demons, in coastal places or petrol stations. He was quite the contrary on the ethical treatment - he had no illusion about their service as bounty hunters, but before taking it as an offense, Anna saw that as a challenge, as if she could change him and make an example to all of AXIS. They had no public badge other than ordinary service, but that meant for her that their work was far from done - and making a life worth meant it to be a large teamwork project. Fame and recognition couldn't be attained, but the least of it would come only when their service became a paradigm on itself. She'd debut as Agent Lambda only after losing in the tests to wear Kappa, placing second in race after Melissa (KAPPA), whom also was deemed victorious in a sparing trainning competition. She grown aloof to Melissa, who she'd quickly grow a grudge against. They were very similar in aspects, but some values came by totally different ways. As she became less easier to approach, leaving better the assigned ranks, squads and schedules to do it, her sense and scope of society was pretty much reserved to her own colleagueship. She'd let Jack himself to come closer, and they've entered a relationship in late 2006. She was as well very respectful to Lana (NI), since she was always favoring decisions which highlighted recognition of the women and their services for the Institute. She only thought her to be a bit radical to some concerns. When she was worried that Ann and Jack were close, she'd abruptly difficult her reach. But despite that earning envy to people like Daniel (ETA), who still behaved like the ordinary high-shool dude, it didn't last long enough. Jack had a serious psyche in him, behind all that manners he demonstrated, also he was too dark for Ann. They broke abruptly in October 2007. She couldn't bear his views, and she promised herself to cease her inner questioning of service.
    At time was approached by Lan (not OMEGA yet) but she actually despised him, maybe unintentionally tying him to the fact he was Melissa's brother. The backlash was a report to most members better not get cocky around her... That also affected Tahira (PSI), who Anna often considered childish, leaving it another grudge, since they were about the same level on academicities, except in knowledges which would be considered not relevant, like contents of poetry and literature. Anyway, she's known still to be a good leader and be caring, at least for those who earn her help. Those such as Nina (YPSILON), who better helped easening the relations between Ann and her roommate Samantha (regular agent). They became good friends and Nina is very fond of the support she gave her which, according to her, was significant to her becoming a team leader.

    Her father, Archibald Graham, is a prime detective who served public offices but since the late 90s, became a private detective overseas. He's aware of the demons and many other threats that remain unknown to the public. Anna was raised in particular households, with her mother. Her father was particularly busy in his work when she was 9 to 16 years old, sometimes forcing her to spend just some weeks overseas, from Egypt, to Morocco, Italy, India and other places in the globe. Their early years weren't as well always full of presence. Her mother kind of supported her own interests in performing and dancing, whilst Ann was as much touched by music, craving for different techniques and capabilities since a young age, attending a vast array of extra-curricular activities. That didn't leave her estranged to a common life, however. She's got some life-long friendship with people from her class. But after a serious meeting with her father in late 2005, she made up her mind and wanted to follow service. Archibald himself saw him inviting her to AXIS. She was aware there was a reason for the demons to be kept from the public, and she pretty much overcame all her grief into believing her father to be a hero - their time together was but a small sacrifice for a greater good...

Manufacturer: ABEL Inc.
Pohakuloa Facility,
Hawaii, USA, produced in 1990
Power: Diving
Submarine speed diving and all it requires: echolocoation, radar signals, resistance to pressure, and homing capabilities to ascertain accuracy to its weapons, laser beams and focused darts. Has a photon beam gun. Its symbiotic main coat is consistently used by Ann, and has made it capable to contain oxygen from the slightiest of particles itself, resisting crushing pressures of the abyss. Yet she likes it most to swim across the sea, recently most missions are in less than desirable illuminated seabed.

Teams, missions:
    Cadet of the Marine Team: A team formed by her, Xi and Rho. Professionals in Search and Rescue and high-speed pursuit of ships, subs, gear and fleeing demons themselves and their fleets.
    Leader of the Swordfish Combat Team: A team from the post-August 2009 operations where the remaining suits was restrained to 18. Consists of Agents Lambda, Omega and Sigma, with Lambda (not usually a team leader) to guide and lead them on close-combat operations. They were sent to Mediterranean to investigate the rumoured re-apparition of the missing Chi suit, concurrent with anarchist riots and several prison breaks in the country of Minoica (anything ike our Greece).
    Participated in a particular mission in Venice, where a high rate of death ocurred by the hands of a Triton which helped her survive in yet another previous mission. This is a recurring doubt across her mind, as to the intents of the demons, their unmistakably intelligence, yet their difficult to read philosophy and questionable integrity - having they helped her not out of mockery, while killing a big deal of people undiscriminately. Did the demon in question evaluated her life?
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