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Anna (2013)

This is the third portion of portraits building up fractions of the Timeline of an OC of mine, Anna G Whitaker, which you may meet at my gallery sporadically by now.  She's from the universe of Apkallu, and has been featured progressively as a former member of an international task force, who came to find out the truth about the dual-sides of our protagonist - as a human teenager (by now, a young adult), and as an anthropozoomorphic amphibian - one people didn't hear about for over a year and a half. This, as a series of portraits, identifies her casual renditions.
Once again on the sneak and thrill of investigation, however, she's not fond of realizing the truth - the Triton is not gone - the Chthonian which grew on his deeds with more brutality than ever, was still the same kind, somewhat shy boy she found in the Atlantic. But appearances hide too much beneath...

The Light

Around August 2013 - in some dusty city
Ann has been following a more commoner living by where she lived most time - Montreal - giving up the travelling season which became senseless after some point. She realized she was running for unnecessary things. She kept family cherished by preserving it's distance. She missed it before, sporadically seeing them once or twice by two years past. She did realize, however, in the last run-ins with intelligence agencies and amateur hacking, the armors her teammates inherited were more than the looks. The crude plotting which sounded as fate to have her done it was just some out of many possible plots her experienced father may have covered to keep her away of some dangerous threat. What threats were those, she wanted to know -- she was ready to face them herself. Or so she thought. She wasn't in a senseless guilt trip for some kind of souvenir - all the coastline she's been, to the depth of the ocean, she found something worthy, as if they were called to her armor, and given time, to herself. Objects such as the one which resonated with the Triton's conch, made of Orichalcum still did the same to her armor. She had, like him, scrying skills which were mostly nurtured out of managing the strangest visions and dreams of the bird-like "Voc". As it turned out to be, one of them was requesting their presence on this moment. Engulfed in a quest beyond mystery and superstition in Northern Africa, she'd realize the coincidences across her lifetime and the current whereabouts of her father were being once again just shielding her of something to come. Entangled on this conspiracy was the Triton, now as the Chthonian. Despite wanting to live as a human, he knew the path of power made that impossible, and powerlessness in this throat-cutting world is merely the status-quo of morose, one he couldn't accept after all he's done. While that was what kept her at odds with him, he on the other hand couldn't forgive her giving up on being vegan (yeah she was a short period of time, what was still considered important to the half-amphibian devilman). On this draconian path, he'd push himself to expose the conspirators who had resorted to Ann's father's true power - a kind of pact which he knew all along to be fruitful. Fighting gods and monsters, Ann made good terms with the times and experiences she garnered at her early years in AXIS (i.e. the international task force), and kicked the ghosts of the past out. Her father meant it to keep her safe as much as away, despite that, he was saved himself from fiendish elements and power-hungry entities, only because like her, he had bet a protection. On Triton, however, befell a curse. They meant to part ways, after a black god plot was foiled.

comparison with the OC Melissa by the time

The Dark
May 2014 - in some cold northern spring
The armor was kept, the vault with the eyes of Horus was breached, and all the memories that rested in the times transpired on the expedition to save her father were soon equalizing to her immediately positive lookout for her new-found life. Side-jobs such as a barista or singer wouldn't outdo, she was finally producing material, seeking engagement with someone she loved. But when her father meant to keep her from harm, when she was prepared to face the "enemies that would come for her", he didn't mean the egyptian gods in conspiracy for his salvaging of some sacred ruin in retaliation. He meant more on from where they came. Something from the quietness of space. For if the Insect Syndicate intended to get their claws on the armors which were made with tissue of older alien generations, to enhace the new ones, to usual agents they'd send their own -- to those protected, such as Ann, they needed to overcome the sight of the gods, sending someone hollow enough. Yet, someone whose effectiveness could easily cloud the perceptions of her prey. Anna wouldn't notice the inhuman element coming for her out of the usual faces of the neighborhood - take it she's from a large city - so where exactly that neighborhood is no actual question - and when she did, it could be too late. It would once again fall to the shoulders of a former team-mate. She meant to retribute the favor. Their lives would restart after tragedies were cleansed.

comparison with the OC Melissa by the time

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