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Alpha Omega History: TIMELINE

February has been a busy month, despite most of my work here has been done in three months before, anyway...
This is a recap of the ALPHA OMEGA which I uploaded throughout last month. It's a timeline, organized by history, the year they were compiled-built-made and released, put to use. If you want to follow a narrative focusing rather into the three specific manufacturers (here encoded in colors) this is for you. You may as well try the compendium for information regarding the current users, confidential information on the secret series and latest allegations of the most wanted "missing armors".

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Alpha Omega is a series of techno-organic, hi-tech symbiotic armored costumes and gear imbued with an exclusive power for each unit.
Developed since 1971, the design process consisted of making something out of the exclusive technology. The Secret Supplier (a mysterious figure referred to as such) for both American ABEL Inc and Ülhaden Corp disposed ellusive bio-engineered technologies for them to craft specific units for soldiers in order to carry out their missions, and stand in front of other technocrats which are alien to the interests of the West.
Read full descriptions regarding the current users of each armor:

1990s: LAMBDA | MI | NI | XI | OMICRON | PI | RHO
2010s: QOPPA

Full description:
The 70s
    American ABEL Inc.'s initiative was war, so it followed former tests conducted in previous decades by the army in order to create a super soldier. Since the techno-organic suit was highly adaptable and even symbiotic, they tried to extract something out of its energy and make a power capable to be manipulated by a human. ALPHA was the first product, and unvariably its power was shielding, so it could protect an entire rank and more importantly, avoid property damage. Defense was the best attack. That rendered an American Soldier with high respect to use it, and the US Army couldn't avoid ABEL Inc.'s manager from selling it to another government - the Japanese one - conveniently, the countries were in good terms. BETA was made with power of corruption and its poisonous jet stream was the only thing that could breach ALPHA's shield. But americans had counter measures in GAMMA, which resisted everything and was indestructible. The trio followed covert missions, but BETA was early stolen by Japanese thieves, becoming a domestical problem to which americans couldn't interfere due the convoluted scenario between it and Yakuza.
    Meanwhile, Jorgen Zimm, Ülhaden's CEO, realized that there would be no point in having the whole army defending a man, only because its tech was superior. The perfect soldier should be a perfect army, and through brilliant scientists, developed DELTA and its multiplication factor. Of course he'd be the "only one fit to use such power". His agenda was to bring forth a forced joint to the two Germanies and profoundly inspired by Polish Prometheism (or so he'd conveniently use as a neutral facade of his own corporative imperialism), to break apart the Soviet block. As the Agent Delta himself, he strayed from his path of developer and would spend more than half of the other decade sabotaging power plants and blaming state management for it. Liberalization of economy was at hand.

The 80s
Predominantly marked by ABEL Inc.'s participation in wars on Northern Chile, soldiers could also assemble to hunt guerrillas elsewhere. But once in aforementioned war, they not only found out BETA was already in the enemy's side, but also they had superior technology and were aided by rather supernatural forces. At time EPSILON was the first of a series which followed the idea that the matter wasn't only gaining energy for the soldier to either defend or attack, but rather to change the environment, and they tried to replicate forces of nature themselves to turn the tide by shifting the battleground. Its sonic powers simulated an Earthquake, ZETA's kinectic energy simulated a cyclone, and better yet, the more they were used the closer they were to self-powering themselves. Whilst Zeta was assembled to Central America as a covert government project in joint venture with private ABEL Inc; EPSILON was one of those which witnessed the horrors of war and the soldier responsible for GAMMA dismembering ALPHA. The armors were put in containment, GAMMA's agent, neutralized. The war was kind of a loss of resources, so they followed a new direction in yet another series, focusing on physical substance - ETA was untangible and was handled to a private bounty hunter. THETA had prehensibility and challenged gravity, handled down to a trusted figure of ABEL Inc.'s CEO. Operating altogether with ZETA in Central America they disposed some success.
    Meanwhile Jorgen Zimm would feel affected by the constant usage of his armors, until one of his duplicates, returned from a nuclear waste, would infect him. He'd pass down the armor to someone else, a soldier from the Western Germany. He focused intents on gathering resources from the recently turned independent State of Kosovia. The new agent DELTA would join ABEL Inc's trio and returning veterans using ALPHA and EPSILON in "Contra" initiatives. It brought forth better relations to the manufacturers of the series, and the knowledge from DELTA made it better to reach conclusion for the series of Physical Enhacement, such as IOTA, whose strength was used by Japanese Officials, taking that as a replacement for the missing BETA, and KAPPA, whose maverick attitude agent joined the Contra Initiatives with the team as well, making use of its speed. To keep that cyclical, they came to adopt a mineral dubbed "Oraklyte", the same as in Gamma, for it had easened energy outbursts and could steadily charge back, sustaining Gamma's strength and Kappa's acelleration.

The 90s
    The soldiers passed once again a violation of trust as the one using KAPPA brought forth or yet fabricated evidence against the hired bounty hunter using ETA, and disposed of him. That passed swiftly, and ABEL Inc didn't bother, better developing the latest of the Physical enhacement series, LAMBDA, distinctively designed for females, and capable of reaching anywhere in water, mobilizing better fleets, submarines and etcetera for the impending Gulf War. That was something Jorgen's Ülhaden couldn't miss, so they sent their DELTA once again, regrettably alone since their brand new project MI has had some industrial accident with an engineer. Ülhaden was behind ABEL and Jorgen didn't like it, for they knew what was at stake in the Gulf - resources. His personal war didn't end when the Soviet Block dismantled, it continued still against more direct concurrents.
    But it was a time of severe changes. In the Gulf War secret rare elements were 'discovered', or rather better evaluated by some use. Their rarity was employed consciously in Alpha-Omega ownwards (if they ever were before, the developers were still strange to its true effects). To handle them, Jorgen took the aid of Dr. Howard Fang, the mastermind behind what was dubbed as The Sinister Series, or powers with the tele- preffix. NI' telekinesis handled to a stuntsman served precious information which would be used to make MI usable again. XI's telepathy was a sinister power, and to regulate it they lent it to a renowned psychiatrist, making sure he'd cooperate or else advances in nano-technology could infect him with a virus (such motivation, heh). By half of the decade they changed a big deal of staff and production was halted for a year, meanwhile MI was to be used by an aspiring nobleman Johan Klemens Sonck in accordance to the recently independent Baltic State. OMICRON was a major response to space exploration, its teleportation put in service of astronaut Ace Ramm, who replied to genius Morgan Schneider about his travels, keeping a schedule of space travel data. Finally, the wormhole project brought forth capacity to make the PI project a reality, with its darkening presence at large unfelt whilst on stealth mode. But there was more to it. The project was sold to yet another enterpreneur, an unsatisfied Canadian industrialist and secretly a warmonger. That shook the Ülhaden staff, as cooperations between the two largely affected a market which was conscripted to ABEL Inc.
    ABEL Inc. however took the decade to plot which would culminate after the Gulf War. Its user for THETA and ALPHA were replaced as the former ones were killed by demons in Middle East after the Gulf War. KAPPA's maverick agent tried to escape, and managed to evade ABEL Inc through sheer speed for over a year, until he was crushed and the armor removed from him. He was left for dead in Sudan. If advances in nano-technology, plus the keen genius of controversial Howard Fang with partners at Ülhaden pestered ABEL CEO's Joseph Bridges, collaboration with think tanks and genius at the silicon valley brought forth cooperation with a scientist by name Curtis Thompson, biologist of renown. The resources for their next scheduled project would be found in a Brazilian facility, highly supported by a general of the area, which came to be known as The Supporter due to the role he had in easening the tension between ABEL and Ülhaden.
    However that wasn't exactly easened, since not only PI, but the DELTA project was put in hands of another industrialist, Sergio Manfredi, and that in particular, had interest in invest on it, taking the role and scheduling the project of the next Alpha Omega suit. Before that could happen, though, he mysteriously disappeared and the two manufacturers, stained in their relationship, took different ends to the mission given by the supporter - investigate and attack the secret forces of the South American State of Tahuantinsuyu. The both independent missions were a disaster. Of ABEL Inc's Alpha-Omega personnel, three survived - THETA as the biologist Yao Wu and two cadets wearing the KAPPA and RHO projects. Of Ülhaden's, not surprisingly, the PI project and its greedy, yet coward industrialist. What he didn't know is that the armor's powers were controlled by a human, the human in question wasn't exactly the user of the armor.

The 2000s
    Back to ground zero, it was a mark when the AXIS Private Military and Advanced Education enetered into fuction. The armors from the disastrous missions were recovered and all the knowledge regarding their former usage in wars and industrial sabotage were confidential, forgotten history. SIGMA was produced exactly as it would by Sergio Manfredi, only that in an Ülhaden subsidiary in Canada whose monitor is the greedy enterpreneur. Five instructors paved the way for ten Alpha Omega and some hundred regular agents. By 2001, ABEL Inc acquired yet another helpful aid from leading top-notch scientist, a team called upon by Curtis Thompson, to develop the TAU armor, its freezing powers were later assigned to Omar Baku, a son of a Lebanese magnate. Such powers were both a response to SIGMA's very own, as well as the conclusion of the Element Series. Morgan Eckstein, working for Ülhaden, brought forth the YPSILON armor with regenerative skills a year later, assigned to an agent by name Mariah Roberts. The deployed teams were successful in capturing and defeating "leaking demons" from certain spots, but their intents were unfruitful to find their origins. Morgan became Agent PHI on field just in 2003 as he crafted his best work of yet, which gave him ability to shrink and move freely toward electronic devices, increasing speed and strength as he came closer to the size of an atom. It was the beginning of the Nano-technological series
    Howard Fang, formerly of Ülhaden, brought forth an unit from the Saqraruna Org (a technological foundation in Tahuantinsuyu, south american country which shifted away from a communist regime only after 2000's events), the DIGAMMA, and it marked the beginning of 2004's team with more precise investigation towards the origins of the demons. That also marked the first loss of an Alpha Omega agent as Douglas Ryder replaced the former Agent OMICRON. The roster of then six instructors would drop to four, being replaced instructors XI and PI (Curtis and the greedy enterpreneur meeting their demise), whilst ALPHA and NI were lent to student-soldiers. CHI was originally a secret project, but the agent responsible to use it was introduced in the AXIS facade in order to de-mobilize its secret clubs. It made an advancement in comparison to SIGMA towards the conclusion of the Oraklyte Project Series. By 2006 greater advancement was done in Antarctica, yet an even greater loss. A handful of agents gave way, and their deaths became confidential info. Eight armors were made available to the newcomers, plus the brand new PSI which could detect any hidden room, object, and had far-sight. It was trusted to Tahira Kaur. This armor worked closely with PI and its stealth, and provoked uneasiness to its sponsors, for another piece in charge of AXIS' secrets was once again Ülhaden's deed, not ABEL's.
    Much was still on-going between the manufacturers and an on-going uneasiness as to find out which one was to cede first to break the contract The Supporter has done to them while founding AXIS. In secrecy, ABEL directed after 6 years of hiatus, the creation of an armor to control them all, the SAMPI project of magnetism which theoretically could control the slightiest components of the other armors, leaving them immobilized. Even though it was unknown to the general AXIS Staff, Ülhaden had its own project too. Through the efficiency of scientists like Schneider, their revolutionary project would come to be OMEGA. Despite the collaboration efforts with ABEL, one could argue it was an Ülhaden facility which made it, rendering it with the capability not to just steal the powers of others, but to simulate them and nurture on its very own cells, virtually recreating everything that was done in record, maybe even discovering new powers. It was assigned to Agent Lance Walker after a powerful speech from Morgan which favored his pupil echoed through the staff, convincing them that the power of the armor would be in good hands in an agent such as Lance.
    Unfortunately, the armor was lost. As was instuctor Schneider, however, in a cooperation between the Instructor XI, former agent Omega Lance and Ülhaden's personnel, a "fix" was done so the PHI armor could replicate, albeit temporarily, the powers from other armors. It was a matter of little consequence as despite its leading innovations, Ülhaden's CEO failed to meet the requests of The Supporter.

The 2010s
    Request which was subsequently archived once the terms of the Supporter, revealed to be a former Brazilian General Wagner Kantz, were out of favor on United Nations and Interpol, for having abused power and preemptively started "preventive" attacks at civillian areas, including the docks of Melbourne. Ülhaden was out of the sphere of influence, receiving public backlash as leaks revealed its joints to eugenics throughout the last century's latter half. ABEL Inc, however, had managed to keep AXIS on feet, serving to keep track of demon activity. It didn't last a year though, for the institution to reprise the role of its sponsors and sending the agents to deadliest missions of yet, Operation ATLANTIS and Operation SCIROCCO. By the end of "Atlantis", three agents survived, whilst on Scirocco, they came to fight their way to contend the secret project QOPPA from going critical. A nuclear armor, the crazed man behind it was no other than Jorgen Zimm himself. Of those, six survived, of which two went into hiding, two pretty much defected from any kind of service and other two joined public military agencies. AXIS was closed, SAMPI exposed and its ringmaster supposedly left for dead. The production of the armors was halted, however knowledge of the technology became less of a priority than seeking and reuniting those which were at long lost for dangerous terrorist parties. It wouldn't be the last to be seen of the armors, although the decline of its original manufacturers.
    At some point of the decade, armors began to be recollected and modified to form the Insect Syndicate, a secret group inside the secret Saqraruna Organization employed in a moment of civil war and tension following on Tahuantinsuyu. 

You can check my gallery for them all, where you can track each armor and the respective current users (story situated in 2009) of them.
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