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Adam Kadmon

"But the latest Christ's Vicar, Pope, Pius XIII (known as "Innocent" among the ever-diminishing group of cryptocrats), is uncertain of the man and assures to Alexander, fellow cryptocrat, that Occidental Civilization will be restored once they monopolize the living once again, through an intricate plan that refers to a Human Automation, where a single body may contain a collective of memory, information and impulse to trigger a society based on following orders from a higher computer-base, to be held by no other than the cryptocrats."

This is Adam Kadmon, a messiah to fulfill the role of peoples' decaying hope. With bloodline of the Themisian Priestess and of the Light God, it is powered by a crown that serves as an exo-cortex and he can manipulate waves of information and radioactive disperse in the atmosphere of Tredius. This shape holds the fate for many people who still believe in occidental culture during the dark times from 2015 to 2019 a.X.

Also known as a Vovin hunter, this human individual is ambiguously supported by some patriarchs yet others, knowing the truth about its genetically engineered structure being only an excuse from the secret order of the Neo Civilis to take the Human Automation for their own, despise its efforts into setting humanity under one nation, under one God.

Among its rivals there is a mysterious man guiding some hundred people and macabre experiments on a village/squatter named "The Johanate" and the very Bairn of the Sea, who is certainly opposed to Adam Kadmon's Pro-Civilization views in detriment of Bairn's Anti-Civ contingent of supporters in the Island of Arima.

Like John Milton's Jesus Christ, Adam Kadmon is overly-estimated in tutelage and is ambitiously maniacal for power, always being gifted with secret and high technology, in a world pestered by scraps of a former industrialist civilization. He's certainly a sort of aristocrat or bourgeois, yet he control his aura all too well to gain reciprocal support from the poor layers which still live among the ranks of the scattered 'occidental men', most notably christian indoctrinator villages.

Few know of his origins. The Bairn himself saw him on the almost mythical land of Avalon, a place where he was raised with proper experimentation and training from the cryptocrats. Believed to be raised without defection to the deadly streams, he's a genuine immortal and is a perfected specimen, far superior than Johanate's former "Conquest", the apocalyptic rider who claimed himself to be Christ. He wasn't the first, roughly 4 years ago there was an agreeable messiah who returned to Tredius among retinues and a hulking fortress "New Jerusalem". Its destruction brought a sea of flames.

Will this 'messiah' truly champion for people or will he fail miserably on arrogance like the others did? Only time can tell, but as of now, the cryptocrats which remain plan to turn him and Bairn on dichotomy opposites.
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