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AXIS the Alpha Omega Series

AXIS is an institute gathering intelligence and military personnel altogether with a running academy, which employs top notch hi-tech gear, super-powered suits known as the Alpha-Omega. Inheriting the secret projects of two distinct long time manufacturers, American ABEL Inc. and German Ülhaden Corp; it became a secret organization with only one intent: fighting the secret menace of the "demons", aptly named scientifically as hybrids, (translations exists, such as "Melez" for Arabic), a series of still at large unknown species which shares few features with humans: more notably, some are anthropozoomorphic, albeit with exagerate features, such as size of it's limbs, claws, or whatever particular likeliness. They have distinct genomes and compositions still very few understood by scientists. The next uploads will cover the main spotlight of AXIS: The ALPHA - OMEGA

    The main hi-tech gear that can be employed by some 20 of the around thousand personnel working in the squads of AXIS. Its squadrons aren't ordinary military, as to engage in such service out of public boundaries' scope (like hunting demons) requires total secrecy. Many members of the AXIS will often discover what they're up against only in the field! Of course stories, tactics and specs can and will be studied accordingly, but there's absolutely no reference for it in ordinary military or scientifical info on outside community.
    What are the Alpha-Omega?
    As much as the demons they fight, Alpha Omega is still at large unknown, at least its historical background, to the basic squads of AXIS. They were distinctively fabricated by the aforementioned manufacturers. Their date and former use before becoming AXIS' property is secret. The identities of the students, soldiers and personnel which employ them in the institute are kept secret. Of course, though, Instructors will be highly likely to reveal their role. That rendered some kind of "super-hero" level status to these select members who employ this tech.
    What makes it so special?
    The Alpha-Omega were made in different times, by different teams and directories from the two major manufacturers already mentioned. Their design processes were parallel, sometimes concurrent. Yet, both "sides" of this "race" had developed common attributes which better possibiltated new powers to be uncovered and replicated in more ordinary gear. A linear development to an end of the project is suggested.
    Its main trait is that no matter the design of its shells, its main "coat" (referred to in the whole as "suit") is symbiotic, that is, the attributed powers it has (strength, speed, etc) will constantly grow to adapt to the capability of the user. The user itself will be able to surpass its own limits through exercise, practice, and use of the armor. Hunting demons in frozen tundra plains to the deserts or a high pursuit in the subway's darkest tunnels sure are a chance to gear up! However, tradition and scientific personnel in AXIS holds that those armors are likely untransferable from a soldier to another, since it requires programmed synch rates, and transfers would compromise its aptitude to that of a regular powerless suit. That said, when the suits are available, it means whether the former agent failed to keep up with its adaptable power and no longer meets an adequate synch rate, or else the agent was killed and the armor, reset to fabrication levels (requiring a new strategy to unlock and use its configured power).
    How many are out there?
    To those which are older in the institute, the extent of the information they keep is that by around the turn of the Millennium, there were 15 Alpha-Omega at AXIS' disposal. Sigma was dubbed "Project XV" at time. Armors like Beta, Iota and Gamma were never employed by it. Dubbed "The Missing Ones", the Institute tries not to hide the fact that their tech is not exclusive, nor exclusive to the two manufacturers (which to date act more like sponsors than suppliers). Missions done to recover the lost gear are done sporadically, since there was no interface or com-link to reach out for them. As early designs, they had no intent to aptly install a kind of network between the armors. By 2009, where most of events to be described pass, there are 21 armors in service of AXIS. It does happen that armors are kept for repair and may not be employed afterwards, such was the case of MI, a case of a deadly side-effect accident which was too gruesome to hide from the personnel, and was justified rather to be an accident of the former agent's incompetence, instead of the lack of security of the tech. Such explanations are accepted by most, since the power of the suits is usually stable, and people are eager to test its awesome powers.
    Who use it?
    To be admitted in AXIS it means you are going to serve at battle against no ordinary threat. Be it in the battlefield as a soldier to attack or infiltrate the enemy base (if there's a base), to gather information or to plan the tactics, serving the hunters on field with up-to-date intel. That requires lots of responsibilities for only the necessary offices. So, secret invitations are given to select people. Usually, those admitted have in their background a historical of families serving military or law-enforcing related offices, or pertaining to scientifical geniuses, or those with expensive hobbies regarding innovations on every technological field. Scientists or soldiers, for short. And resulting of it, no matter that they accept people from all the world, they are often from higher class. Not often, others without a background do enlist: orphans who got anything that calls the attention of philanthropists, their adoptive sons and daughters, for example. So, the roster of people and armors are large, yet has its limits. It rests on the shoulders of the older Instructors to choose who will wear the Alpha-Omega. When those are "available", contests and tests of aptitude are given accordingly to the powers in question. Diving and swimming for underwater related suits, hurdling and racing for speed ones, and overall reflexes put in test for all.
    Once an agent is admitted to use an Alpha-Omega, he/she makes a vow of secrecy, and does not hand over its former regular armored attire (marked with a serial number referring to the squad it served as a cadet). The number series have codes that follow a pattern related to the Alpha-Omega series. They might be relocated to serve in battlefield for support of one or another Alpha-Omega Agent. Once a member becomes Alpha-Omega, its responsibilities becomes more directed at demon-hunting than other often regular stuff at AXIS. He/She however participate in all the commonal activities. A differential is the academic level of studies offered for applied sciences. Biologists, Chemists and Engineers help to maintain the Alpha-Omega usable for the Agents and discover each day new secrets about such ellusive tech.
    The around 20 Alpha-Omega Agents are "protected" by a series of fraternities and sororites, secret clubs of number soldier agents which were at first tasked to keep secret their identities and powers. Consequently, those often more represent those who become more eager to "replace" these agents, and have overall a dubious reputation to the academical masters. For everything in AXIS is a potential test: from the written exams, to the behavior in class and commonal places, as well as the organization of one's space and the capability of performing and completing tasks of every level.

Hunting Demons:
    A hard part to campaign against such those is that they aren't bound by a joint of species' commonwealth. Understandably, most of them are too different from one another and may come from distinct places and environments across the planet, since they all seem to adapt well in the wilderness. Justification to hunt them goes all around by environmental concerns (altering the ecossystem to causing drought, flood), to menacing humans or even scientifical research. To those hybrids who comes attacking in group, they are often referred to as a collective swarm, and constantly attack isolate spots on the surface - more reccurringly, havens and distant places with autoctonous tribes, or outskirts of war torn countries, salvaging weapons, ammo, or preying anything from humans to livestock. Their attacks are suggested to be planned from and by something entirely apart of their attack rank. Finding this hypothetical "demon hierarchy" became an important issue that AXIS personnel came to adress in later years, turning more objective their intent.
    Not surprisingly, it was found some of them corroborate with underground activities, such as drug cartels and human trafficking. Understandably they aren't bound by any civil code, but arguably they participate in important joints of "very human" activities. Not only salvaging human technology, but adopting it and exchanging their knowledge - resulting in a win-win relation for their "contractors". By exploiting such links of these contacts, AXIS members come closer to tell about what exactly they are and from where they come from. It seems they share the planet with humans since ages.
    As so, approaches may vary. For scientifical reasons, or so the instructors say, they are often hunt down and caged. Of the swarms, it is required at least one specimen is kept, while others are neutralized. Or even so, to have valuable substances extracted from some specimen. There are, however, people that believe that their approach to the underground activities is nothing more than a need to deal with human powers - and even take an upper hand on it - deeming that political interests are at play. Not surprisingly agents come from highly influential families, and a peek at the black markets are of interest, to either banish and criminalize it; - or capitalize over its "regulation". To that, diplomacy between humans and demons would be a troublesome thought. That's where AXIS place its main action - discover in undercover means, what or who are behind such activities without the need to negotiate in a powerplay that would cost the freedom of a (civilized) human. Pretty much speciesist, for a side that has no "species" at all. But understandably, it (dubbed demon-kin) has its own form of clans and prejudices - often compared to primitive specs of what we call it today.

    So everything matters: The Environment, the available Alpha-Omega Suits and its powers, as well as the backgrounds of the soldiers (which are bound to fit at some point the powers they handle), and not less their interests which may infer on the outcome of the mission. The intent to battle the demons and hybrids is that - no better than a bounty - whose value to scientists will come from an hypothetical admittance of unknown breeds in their views on the "tree of life". That will also help to craft more Alpha Omega suits. Until they reach Omega or so.
    AXIS' Hierarchy is an Academical One. Instructors are out there, many of whom worked with the craft of the Alpha-Omega (having this tech by a treaty, more than helping hunting demons, is what makes AXIS be AXIS and not a league of bounty hunters), and now apply as researchers or teachers to the student-soldiers (one shouldn't presume those are mutually exclusive). Their responsibility increases yet remain focused as they become Alpha-Omega Agents themselves. Physicians can become masters of P.E for the agents if they desire to, since taking care of the armors, which are symbiotical, require the need to train its soldiers and accompany their physical progress as well. Those instructors also work closely with the intelligence related spheres of the institute. That means they usually put themselves at the frontlines. Time has brought some to their demise. Those who remain by the time we're focusing the story number to four. A biologist, a physicist, a chemist and a psychologist, the latter, one who guards the secrets of the security of the institute - more notable, the private secrets of the students - not by choice, since his power, telepathy, can discover things hidden in a whistle - and may take a lifetime to understand. This is a prime example of why Artificial Intelligence is required, as to compute mnemonics in order to hide secrets as if they were ordinary knowledge. But this is also a source for the guidelines: which agent will work better with who can be easily bet with such info.
    Here it should be noted that veterans do exist. Fraternties and Sororities' College style of clubs do, as well - originally they had a practical use - to keep secret the identities of those agents who distinctively became Alpha-Omega. Nowadays, however, they are more secret to the staff than to the students, and they more than often distribute unfounded rumors and stupid debates. Despite the older personnel, from areas such as academical, scientifical and military, the differential of AXIS would be its education (since it has resources no other corpus has - once again, the Alpha Omega). Minimal age of admittance is 18. And not few Alpha Omega agents began at this age! Kind of a stain for older veterans' ego if they knew that. For it is required to know, since the armors are based on symbiosis and computed synch rates, the earlier this process begins the better, to form soldiers and intel-gatherers with a cohesive battle style and enrichened cast of maneuvers. They are raised to be that, and it is a matter of scientifical bet in the link between the agent and the armor. Those have also privilege to work directly under the wing of the instructors. The four instructors, other than gathering strategic powers and teams, keep close attention to the progress of the Alpha Omega Squads, from attention and focus rates to physical exercises schedules and even eating habits. Originally they kept watch over 4 agents each. From those undoubtedly links would come in order to gather next teams for missions.
Team Leaders
    Not always the instructors will be present in field. AXIS receives reports from many sources, and they better be sure they aren't in for some cryptozoologist fakie, hunting the boogeyman. As so, distinct Alpha-Omega Agents may receive a privileged position, referred to as a "Magister", colloquially called "Team Leaders". They can gather teams as well, since they have the pass by the instructors to do so. That earned some authority presiding over the unnofficial and extensively unnecessary "secret clubs", since some Alpha-Omega are more important to intelligence than others. It is also worth noting those earn more fees or credits than Alpha Omega Agents and much more than regular squads, as well. That said, many will compare themselves to "bounty hunters", but they do have a code their own.
    Despite global, AXIS do have a house. The ownership of a large Campus in Avignon, France, assured by its principal, Father Ephraim Frére, is the physical bastion of AXIS. Manufacturers of Alpha-Omega, turned sponsors, offer other camps and bases in preparations for missions in distant spots. Those include facilities in Hawaii. To cover up the over thousand student-soldiers of limited background (as described, most from high class), they give the basics of survival in the first weeks and direct them to work in trios. Those "earn" a place in the campus, living for the rest of service in the same room as a trio, with credits to fill in order to earn a break. Despite the casual need of trainning, not all members are dispatched in all missions. All kinds of soldiers are in there - for those who are more bounty hunters, the wannabe brutes; to people who would rather carry out Search and Rescue missions, and do have sense of ethics - yet only some will be taken to the main squads. To that, sometimes teamwork is crucial, while other times, individual capability of survival and self-reliability are favored.
    It does have an academical schedule. Simple curriculums exist, but they always favor those who exceed it. Credits are earned to serve around in some of the facilities disposed around the globe, one of which might be closer to the agent's home. Student-Soldiers do use that as a chance to take a peek at their former life, or to start something elsewhere. But service is never quitted easily. For AXIS is able to give them both military degree and academical levels, honorary doctorates, for example. Their basis is around a service of a decade. Imagine, if Alpha-Omega Agents keep their armors for over ten years, how powerful will they be by their graduation? If that does happen, a lifelong term of service is required. So far, only the instructors, some who do have a background in the manufacturer industry, have such long time using the armors... or so they say.
The original manufacturers ABEL Inc. and Ülhaden Corp; as any other the main staff is capable of acquiring a positive treaty which can be guaranteed by the international community and its courts, if requested. As it is a secret facility, giving away only a academic guise, it stands between military and research institute, but is neither fully. Members who fled or left, or even those few who did graduate (givin the timespan to do so is around 10 years, and none of those came to be actual Alpha-Omega, since younger members are privileged to become so) are rare, and make vows of secrecy. Many rumours do exist, and when the treat of the demons become publicly known, and go viral, pressure from all the sides comes toward it, at the point of United Nations and INTERPOL beginning to infer on its matters. To worry of some, and joy of few who do have ties to such political interests. Cooperative missions did happen between those, and Alpha Omega Tech became known to military ranks... Surprisingly or not, they ordinary military personnel weren't surprised by it. As if they were already employed, years ago, on the efforts of war.

About the Project:
    A year ago, I've developed original designs of 14 armors of the original Alpha-Omega Series, and fellow deviant :iconguiler-717: developed the other 14. They stem from very early references of every kind regarding science-fiction, comics and tokusatsu, representing some 50% of this content in the earlier arcs of our very own converging stories, mine, the APKALLU, his, the currently named IN LAK'ECH both of which, are protagonized by no other than demons, actually more hybrids than they look like, as if alter egos of human men themselves. They came in conflict with AXIS many times before discovering how it actually worked and who they were, at first believing them to be exquisite bounty-hunter goons with colorful armor plates. They were as lost as the soldiers trusted to hunt those - a Triton and a Lizardman.
    Now this, it is my latest attempt at the full team. Not satisfied with just the armors, I took my time and during all I had free in November and December 2016, developed this background for the people behind them too, with early drafts which you may always find in my notes (instagram @gustyphon is full of it). So, for now, you can expect descriptions about these OCs, since their comics are tied to my main project, and that will take different manners to tell details which may not be covered here.

    So don't forget to check my work on the other social network corners around as I list the fellow 20 and some Alpha Omega Agents of AXIS, as well as reveal its secrets and the up-to-date information on the "Missing Ones". I've developed as well some theme backgrounds for each armor, vectorial art of which you can check here. View overall coverage at the respective Behance project
Ongoing posts on Instagram
or an album dedicated to it in my Facebook Art Profile, APKALLU
I'll post them all through the month of February!!
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