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An example of team the AXIS Military can dispatch. This unit is meant for underwater attack (or rescue) or (hence the name) marine assault.
This is a part of the "Alpha-Omega series" in collaboration with Guiler-717. His 14 armors plus mine make all the alphabet

Here are Rho (Kai Taylor), Lambda (Anna G. Whitaker) and Xi (Professor Gilles), they serve the AXIS Military academy and are employed to deal with what no other soldier can. Dealing with recent marine monsters has been too though for international security.  With the intent of making of monsters nothing more than legends, this assembled team has mixed capabilities to deal with the recovering of lost cargo, to rescue missions and good and old beating 'em up. But before they can take the plunge, do they have what it takes to face the greatest killer that ever lived in the ocean?
  • Rho (Ρρ) is the fluid armor. It's user, Kai Taylor, is always ready for action, and enjoy cutting and slicing his enemies. Differently from his armor, he's hardly sticky. His power makes him able to bend with other substances and to easily infiltrate enemy habitat. A specialist in close combat, he's fearless, but sometimes cocky.
  • Lambda (Λλ) is the best suit for underwater, acquiring greatest speed on diving, reaching the depths unscathed and resisiting every pressure, its user Ann is more than ready to make of the sea her playful, beautiful battle scenery. As she easily gets competitive, she isn't one to be messed up with. Making the waves her allies, she's a skilled swimmer, acrobat, and a gracious fighter on her own terms.
  • Xi (Ξξ) is a strange looking armor with the most tenebrous of powers. The sonar it emits captates more than object, but thoughts themselves. A genius of reckon, Professor Gilles Psycke is a mysterious yet not evil man. While his orders often counfound his students, he usually makes it to the end of the mission unharmed. And with tons of new knowledge, too.

 The AXIS Military Academy is like a school grounds for combatants, tacticians and fellows from other areas of human knowledge of greatest need in the likes of an upcoming catastrophe (such as healing, surviving, leading and fixing - to illustrate it better, it was officially formed around the turn of the millennium, and they're constantly warned about the changes in the world, politically and geographically).
To make things more dubious, a secret group of students are given the alphabetic, lettered armors (the others are given any of numeric value and with regular powers from a production-line), once they've matched the required specs to wear them. Constantly tested, sometimes it's in the grades (solving complex systems and having prowess of thinking in possibilities and achieving deductions), in the physical prowess (swimming, running, etc) or through good old duels between two or more students that seem fit (with the loser having no knowledge of the armor it was ever entitled to wear). The school has a corpus of teachers which inherited some armors and others that develop new ones. They can choose to tutor a specific student from the alphabet series of armors, and will regularly form squads in the eternal hunt for missions no other soldier are trusted with.


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The whole project is at my behance.
This is the last you'll get from these armors, I promise!
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