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21XX Rivalry

The year is 21XX
Humanity has transformed itself into cyborgs, in order to survive in a dark future. Commodity and automatic responses finally tied with the very essence of living, making easier for technocrats to dominate and admnistrate all effort of the survivalists, binding men to machine. But even with such opportunity and ease for a global commonwealth, a collective interest in the prime survival and prime re-building of a world thorn by catastrophes, there's no longshot for world peace.
Each of these two cyborgs represent a side of an on-going war between technocrats TC Tech and Juventist Corp, serving different heads and interests for the future, but being driven by substantial cultural divergences well founded in the ancestry of the human memories on their bodies.
Tinteno-Criticazoikan champion "Apôlôrak X" is adorned after the fish, he actually has a time-bondage with his body on a past, named Aplo. Juventist champion's daughter, "Shell", has stylized scallops for her namesake, she's actually the latest cyborg project, the last to be made directly from a human, an enhaced project of her father the Juventist Cyborg. She's connected to the Ann Good Waters' mind protocol.

Full story of this complex plot:
At least two groups founded cyborg societies, the Juventist Unleaden and the Tinteno-Criticazoikan TC Tech. One was headed by the humanitary and special researcher "Juventist Cyborg", hailing from the well-respected house GoodWaters, his plans for an utopia is firmly secured by the more violent and brutal general Zøn, who in his authority believes to be an immortal god himself.

The another corporation has a smaller team of cyborgs, having no real help from the gods of their ancestors (Tintaeus and Critikas), but relying solely on a group of stealth agents and soldiers of debatable little humanity left. The last Minotaur was transformed into a cyborg to infiltrate in some secret galaxy, missing some time after that. The last human at large also held another power: the legendary dracmas of power, granting unlimited water-breathing, enhaced senses, speed, agility, endurance and strength. His inheritance and usage of these powers would also prove his worthy to become an "Apôlôrak" (both an honorific title and an inhuman ally and savior of the ancestral tinteno-criticazoikans). But his transformation in cyborg cut short that probability.
When all seemed lost, the minotaur soldier (now known as "Minotaurus X" and looking like this) returned, having brought forth answers for the on-going conflict (at time pendng to the Juventists both technologically and through overall public support). The godhood of general Zøn was finally challenged, for it was proven he was one of the first cyborgs made, the one to which all the others were made after in his image.
His creator was on itself a mechanical entity (named "Onyx") bound to the complexity of the most primal functions of the galaxy. Whilst the entity's will was to dominate and settle forth automatic responses on the living to finally have power over it, he sensed that Zøn's anger and lust for power was a counter-procedure, so he let to be known that his creation could be challenged. He meant perfection to be achieved, so he wanted this war never to cease (and having Zøn and the Juventists winning it would ruin his plan to stagnation). The powers of "Apôlôrak X" could challenge Zøn and make the TC Tech resist at least the frontal attacks of the Juventists. And it did, for it was long ago in the past when Apôlôrak himself defeated Zon, avenging the Tinteno-Criticazoikan civilization whose larger amount of people died in a flood by the hands (or Trident) of the angry god. The defeat of the cyborg god set free the innards of Onyx's system, giving a shortcut in the memory of all, re-conecting the mechanical and computer data to the memories and souls of the past selves that comprised the robots. Such fateful event was known as "The Awakening".

That revealed much more concerns for Juventists and Tinteno-Criticazoikans alike, as if their ancestry was marked by a mistake which split them from a common lineage. One of these mistakes was the wrathful God that they once saw as their own, so his defeat could resume in peace (or in an endless technological competition to have the latest generation cyborgs, "gods" on their own, on their side). But that also brought forth possibilities, such as generic cyborgs, having recovered their mind pre-erasing, to achieve far greater understanding and powers, becoming gods themselves and participating in the game Onyx has made out of the living matter. One of those was the Juventist Cyborg, that despite being seen as a polite and relateable side of the war, was actually afraid he could lose it without proper defense from TC Tech (now that they had both Minotaurus and Apôlôrak X), giving room to TC Tech's researches take his place on the on-going industrial race.

That's when his memory, now cleared, found out he had actually hid his prize-winning cyborg, his own daughter.
That moment was the long-awaited perfecting of both his and Onyx's plans for the future. Along with the awakening of his daughter, the bondage between that future to other dimensions such as the past could influence all the formation of a pocket dimension where Onyx's control would be unchallenged all the while preserving Juventist authority over other peoples, making possible a "Good Waters Utopia". Of course the recently re-discovered Tinteno-Criticazoikans wouldn't want that, since they've just re-discovered who they were after some millenia of hiding between people pretending to be a global community.

So, that's where this fight scene happens. But that didn't end there. Juventist Cyborg wouldn't act on Onyx's terms or have his daughter fighting for an entity he didn't know at all if he hasn't a safe b-plan. How was it safe no one could ever tell...
The first ever created cyborg, crafted in the Ancient Egypt, under the orders of an entity rival both to Onyx and to Tintaeus and Critikas, the most powerful elemental of fire "Spiricto No Faia", was lost somewhere in a pocket dimension that the Minotaur re-discovered. His tomb was trespassed by the Juventist Cyborg and his tech, un-parallel to all others due its antiquity (but no obsolete, quite the opposite, actually), was the safe escape from Onyx dimension's control. Enhacing himself with particles from the ancient cyborg, he believed himself being capable to controlling and setting the future. Actually, he set the future, and breached the past, to be altered by the ancient cyborg and his master. Lapolo (the cyborg form of the first Eternal Pharaoh) was now capable of ruling the world under the guise of the peaceful Juventists, and only Apôlôrak X could defeat him. But in the way, there was a loving daughter, fond of her father's heroism and always trusting his words, holding no belief on the words of the TC Tech, acting firmly to oppose it and its accusations.

That was just a serious take on something that years ago already happened, when machine was still not part of the organism of a living being.
And from such a moment, they both cyborgs knew they used to know each other. Their differences couldn't be solved just in fighting, so they would count on their past-selves don't letting the future culminate into a dictatorship of Lapolo and of the No Faias. How could that be possible, to reveal such a terrible dark plot involving the end and destruction of entire civilizations across time, as well as the corruption of moral codes and the taking of a huge vigilance culture, into the heads of some young people with the will to stand up, and whose main concerns were bit of a childish rivalry?
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