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#1 - Wisdom - Reason


"Know thyself and thou shalt know the deities"

The journey in Helladeas begins for the Chthonian Triton after he meets a proper guide, Abaris the Hyperborean. Saved once by Apkallu's mentor Enki, the Chthonian was believed to be the deceased Triton Asclepius by the Anunnaki. He received visions plus a Kurgarra squad to serve him. To become an Apkallu himself, the Chthonian has already faced rivals such as the Per Aa council and the Fire Lords, but his defeat at the hands of Baal only proved him he's not yet quite ready to face this enemy and the cryptocrats of Tredius.

Once in Helladeas, he suffers sudden social schism and uses it as a secret manner to defeat his enemies. Already having killed one of the most dangerous Olympians, the most faithful servant of Zeus, Athena, he also invaded Poseidia and tried to defeat the king of Seas. He's somewhat convinced he himself is Typhon, however, his direct action tactics will not be enough if he's to shiver the Trident against the King of the Gods.

Lost among a strange planet, he sought guidance right after joining the errant camps of Parnassus. Dionysus is drunken, poisoned by Aphrodite, and Pan is a con-artist who's ran out of tricks. To defeat the influence the planet has caught on him, he seeks for the elder Apkallu Abaris and his former allegiance, the Delphic Order ran by Apollo. The wise Jotunn already informs that the Order itself is corrupt. During the closing years of the Topakhon Wars and the Democratic Wars, it became a tool of Apollo against his sister's less institutionalized cults. Now, both religions are somewhat shadowed by crescent secularism, without to mention the great syncretism on those cults left room for a large differentiation of opinions about the Oracles.

Years before the Chthonian has visited the temple complex once, and was annoyed by the fact it was acquiring 'oracles' from inter-planetary slave trades. In a society suffering a modern rationalizing process and urbanization, it certainly becomes hard to fully 'develop' Oracles when it comes to uranic-based religions. From belief to conviction and from teaching to imposition of tradition, the Delphic Order is now a massive temple trying to be seized by a State rather than a powerful religion or cultural center. Inside its walls, however, Apollo guides the muses, and those are the key to the quest of the Chthonian Triton.

The Muses are the daughters of Zeus who organized the world out of Chaos. They gave powers to the Basileis-Kings and to the Artisan-Counsellors (on which the Apkallu are classified). Differently of the post-Themisian Order of Maat and of the Djinn Academies of Ohrmuz, both the muses and the oracle face truth as a revelation, as an ambiguous pre-existing event which might be revealed by them according to their optics and left for interpretation, as a germination of a future or past event rather than a conviction. That loose view has found no place in Helladean modern society, yet, like them it or not, this is how this strange world itself functions.
Past isn't exactly what's told on books, it is a continuous flow of Memory (Mnemosyne) and in turns in and out return to the Present and carves the future, through the song of the muses being renewed each season. The Chthonian is an initiate, he understands it. But his knowledge and wisdom-seeking spirit isn't satiated with the Muses and Orcales' secrets revealed to him. The Oracle is mute to those def who hear only words instead of initiatory content.

But to our pilgrim, despite all the corruption of the order, there is a value in Delphi. Many people consider keeping the temples, but to the initiate, it's the song that matters, the dance that must be re-newed, not the symbols neither the walls. A whole life walking through the light, seeking emancipation, the silent groves were the perfect place for the mediterranean native to rest from a troublesome modern life.
Yet on self-reflection, no reciprocity came for the errant. And now he seeks for the certainty of the institutionalized, the end and the beginning of the journey, the center of the founding myth: the Omphalos.

The very lock to the tunnels under the planet, it was once what summoned Drakainas from the entire range. Primitive beings similar to Tritons in structure and powers, one of them guided her followers to leave the swamps to reach the groves near Delphi and Parnassus. Her name was Sophia, and believing to have witnessed cure for the Deadly Streams, she revealed the 'fifth' stream, the Wisdom-Reason. But when used with certainty, it became significantly a powerful weapon to control and rationalize instead of a reliable force to analyze the surrounding compendium of forces in motion. Poison to the user, and a weapon to those affected by it.

Abaris, an outcast in the Order, understands the motivation of the Chthonian, and will willingly help him, who's inherited Ulysses powers and Apollo's bow, and, as well, was assumed by Asclepius to be reaching a evolutionary step no one was yet ready to accept.
Will he be able to make it in time, to reach Python's resting place? Will reason and blinding light be able to reveal the path into the caves beneath the Omphalos?

The certainty of foundation, the center of the institutionalized world, is about to be relocated so the world shifts...into utter chaos.
Let the path to the deadly streams be opened, and may reason, wisdom or anything that tried to control those – dissipate into uncertainty.

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