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Walking Ent



Ents are not only animated trees. They are the greatest act of devotion to the circle of druids. Each druid can be sacrificially devoted on a specially created altars. Around the altar are placed plants from the forest, which was protected by sacrificed druid. Druids are sacrificed completly naked, separated from everything that could remind them in their new form who they were. After stab the obsidian knife in the center of the chest, began the transition. Tricking blood in turn reaches other plants, animating and combining them together. Druid's soul moves to the newly formed body, but was deprived of any emotion. His only role is to protect the forests from destruction.

First backstory to the painting. I know it's weak but I have to start with something :P

Around 6 hours on this one. Had a lot of fun while doing branches and bark texture. And I also created something like "logo"! Way easier to sign that constatlny write "typhon" blah blah blah.

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Backstory little modified after :userTristanBerndtArt: critique. Now I think it fit more with design.
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I wanna use this for a mob in lycanites mobs in minecraft which I hope you're ok with. He will be an evil ent.