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Walking Ent

Ents are not only animated trees. They are the greatest act of devotion to the circle of druids. Each druid can be sacrificially devoted on a specially created altars. Around the altar are placed plants from the forest, which was protected by sacrificed druid. Druids are sacrificed completly naked, separated from everything that could remind them in their new form who they were. After stab the obsidian knife in the center of the chest, began the transition. Tricking blood in turn reaches other plants, animating and combining them together. Druid's soul moves to the newly formed body, but was deprived of any emotion. His only role is to protect the forests from destruction.

First backstory to the painting. I know it's weak but I have to start with something :P

Around 6 hours on this one. Had a lot of fun while doing branches and bark texture. And I also created something like "logo"! Way easier to sign that constatlny write "typhon" blah blah blah.

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Backstory little modified after :userTristanBerndtArt: critique. Now I think it fit more with design.
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I wanna use this for a mob in lycanites mobs in minecraft which I hope you're ok with. He will be an evil ent.

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That's the creepiest tree I've ever seen. As if those tree men from The Lord Of The Rings weren't already enough...
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Well, thanks XDD
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love the mix of grey and green
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Amazing! So emotional!
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Looks great, may i use this for a card in a set of Magic Cards? I plan on posting everything up on here once it's completed. I might also put it up on another site, not sure yet. Your real name (if you want it) will be on the card and/or your username. I will note you among the many artists with Links to the artwork(s).
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No problem, If you want, use it. Just notice me as an author (:
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This is great. Very well done.
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Sweet alternate concept for the ent.
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Stunning creation! :)
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wow I really like this one its so dynamically presented . most of the time I see paintings like this, their pretty static like a reference sheet. this one gives me an example of how I would see it if I were to enter the forest and become immersed in it.
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Glad you like it! Yeah, I was also tired of static drawings. Dynamic ones are way funnier to do (:
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Nice! I like how you didn't just do the typical lord of the rings looking ent but made it a bit creepier. I like that you wrote a backstory for it. It helps to add fun details in the painting and create a bit more of a narrative. Speaking of fun details i feel that you had this fun backstory but you didn't play around with it that much. So you have this dude that turns into an ent, you can do a lot with that. You can leave small remnants of his past like a neckless he had or something. It feels too inhuman, you don't se that he used to be a druid guy because his anatomy and features are so far from human, that connection isn't there.

Now I'm not sure if you wrote this backstory after the painting or before but try and do it before, think about the environment and characters and show who they are. Visual storytelling is a big part of illustration and for me its one of the funnest parts ^^

Looking at the rendering of this painting it looks really good. i like the lighting on him and that bit of light coming in form the side. The fog in the background doesn't match the light that's in the mid+ foreground. If its foggy the light wouldn't be that warm and sharp, it would be very grey and muddy like the background. you could have it be a little warm but too much and there is a disconnect were he doesn't fit the background.

The things I think you should focus on more is just visual storytelling. You're technical skill is a lot higher than your skills as a visual storyteller but telling a story in a painting is just about spending time and thinking about stuff so if you just planned everything a bit more you'd be a lot better!

Oh, and I took a look at your gallery and I really like that Art of Dying thing you did ^^
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Nah, the backstory were created while painting it. The problem is english is not my mother language, and I kinde suck in wrting stories even in my native language. That's why it is so simple. And as I said, first story ever created, next one will be way better :D I painted the whole thing on only one layer, just to practice if in some serious works I'll mess up my layers.

Thanks for your critique, appreciate this.
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Heh, I'm always up for helping fellow artists. Especially when I find something that actually has some quality too it. (Generally DA is kinda crappy when it comes to quality) ^^

I usually try and keep the stories simple because you're almost never going to be able to pump in an infinite amount of storytelling in a painting. You can hint at backstory but if you define it too much in the actual painting things will look very random. For this I'd just have a story like: "Man turns into a tree, he is a badass guardian of the forest, he's old." Thats enough but you really need to show it. Try and se how much of the story you can pick up without any text and then when text is added it would only deepen what's already there. Actually you don't really need text, the painting can probably speak for itself if you work hard on the story elements. So don't worry if your english is crappy, it doesn't really matter :) Making a story with a painting is tricky but when you start to get it down, it's really fun :)

If you look at someone like Kekai Kotakis work you se a super simple story but it's very obvious and at the same time very vague. I often try and learn stuff like that from other artists paintings.
I'll stick around to se how the next painting will turn out :)
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