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Undead Minions

"Once they were buried alive, and believe me... they won't let it happen again."

Skeletons are way harder to summon, but they are also way more efficient than zombies. They are quicker, more resistant, and powered by pain from previous life. Like wraiths and ghost. But their swords are not ethereal...

First big painting after veeery long break. Last two months I spent on drawing day by day in Domin Studio- Warsaw. Glorious feeling to finally touch something different than pen and pencil :D
Hope you will like it!
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may i have the permission to use this in my android game that i am developing ?? Thanks
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Impressive work! Is it skeletons characteristic description of yours or you learned it somewhere? 
May be, but I haven't seen much around.
Kudos to your artist and narrative skills!
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Well it's not that hard to came up with a description XD
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Very cool. The subtle tinges of red really make the whole thing pop.
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we love this peace of art soooo much ! me and my band love this peace, and where are wondering if we could us it for out cover on facebook,…  we love this peace soooo much man! keep up the amazing art! thanx! 
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If you would link to my dev in the description, i don't see any problems with it. Glad you liked it!
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I really like your style of skeletons. Less detailed, yet sophisticated.
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Cripes! Why won't it let me favorite?!
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Glad you like it :D
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It is pretty in its own way.
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I have never seen anything like this before. :Headspin: It is..............autochthonous. 
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Akurat dzisiaj przerabiałem szkielety Loomisa. Dałeś mi do myślenia swoim obrazem. Klimat bardzo mi się podoba a zwłaszcza kompozycja. Całość Super.
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Interressting, I like.
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Very good, i like
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I love the bits of red you added, it really draws the attention. The sky and the landscape look so bleak, it really enhances the atmosphere.
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