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"The last breath of life, filled with a sense of immense loneliness is enough to create a half ethereal being. Some kind of a spirit, or a ghost as whatever its name... We tend to call them Miłurs. Why would you ask? First notes about them came from a distant land, where a word "miły", what means "nice", was used to name this usually friendly ghost... a Miłur. 
As far as we know, they are strongly bounded with a place they died, and propably are blind. For this they very rarely leave the place in which they deceased... Most of them create some sort of a mementos, all around the place, as a gesture of commemoration after their lone life."

Done for AMFISBENA RPG: Check it out, really cool Polish project!

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I love the picture, and the idea too.
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Amazing! So much life in those strokes ironically, i guess
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this is absolutely amazing!!!
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This piece depicts such a beautiful and sorrow feel to it.
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Very nice work, I like the sorrow and loneliness depicted in the artwork. The description is good too. It's nice to have a little background on a particular image.
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Thanks! Yea, I feel like descriptions help an image a lot xD
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