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Hello! This time a Kostur, designed for Amfisbena RPG !:D
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your character's presentation is great, it reminds me the world of Magic: the Gathering... a very good job!

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Love your character work! Looks great!

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love it - never heard of the game before, but I love the art now :-D

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It's in developement still tho :D
This and the other character concept-art for this Amfisbena RPG are really really neat.

However, though not a native English speaker myself (and from my understanding of it, neither are you and your client), I think the texts could use some reformulation.
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Yeah xD They were just written by myself for fun, so there is a lot to improve in this manner xD But as long as you can understand it, it's fine!xD
Oh, even if they were done in passing, they are a very welcome addition to the art ! I love that sort of stuff.

If you'd like I can give the text a revision, though I ain't a native speaker, I can see a few part that could be smoothed out.
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I love the descriptions you put in these
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Glad you like them!:D 
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How much time you spending for one character? That rendering is epic.

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Thanks a lot! With all the concepting, traditional drawing it's max 10 hours :D On my YT there is a process how I do these things :D
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Funny, on my language Kostur means skeleton. You south slav?

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Poland here, I was searching for something that will be related to Skeleton/Zombie, and after translating everything for every language i was stuck between greek Seketós and Kostur :D
And since in polish language Kostur means a "staff/stick", but usually related to magic things, I decided it fits nicely, since he is thin as staff :D
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So you are northern kin then, glad you cleared up my confusion haha.

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Yeah, from the land of Vodka and Kiełbasa XDDD
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