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January 8, 2021
Enslaved Giant by TyphonArt
Featured by phoenixleo
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poor little guy - probably just wants to go home...

amazing image - very unsettling

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do you think you can draw Lanawyn from the comic "Elves"? (this is a request not a commission)

she looks like this

Also what do you think of my gallery? I'd like some feedback

by the way I don't know if you like to role play but you can join these servers if you want, we'd love to have you there

There was a chance for a rickroll lanawyn, a Rick Roll! 😠
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major dark souls vibes

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Really nice work I love the scene and the mood you created in this piece!

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That looks amazing, and it's giving me serious dark souls vibes.

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Cocoa Surprised Icon Just a regular drawing, trying to get better. WWHHATT!?? This is freaking amazing!!Happy Miku Love [V1] Heart Love I Reaalllyy want to be able to do stuff like this! ;v;

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Thanks a lot!:D Practice and you will be even better!:D

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You're very welcome!😊 Ok!👍🏻👍🏻 I shall! Thank you, masterDekomori Bowing Icon Lolol! XD

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Prometheus bound! Great lighting effects.

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Stunning work! love the shading

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I have no words for how much I love this piece it has good texture, good coloring, good lighting my oh my good everything!

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let him go >:(

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Back in either the late 90s or early 2000s there was a TV miniseries about a modern day version of the Jack & The Beanstalk legend where part of it was in a room very much like this with the skeleton of the Giant. Was that your inspiration for this?

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Nah, Dark Souls + personal writing :D

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Very impressive work!

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Poor Fellow - the horror movie lighting in this piece make me suspect that NO ONE is going to get out of this with a happy ending!

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