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Well, this is will be place for put the info of all about TYPE-MOON :la: feel free to contribute with us here :la:

anyway, the info for today!

NEW (2011.12.19)
>> Mahotsukai no Yoru is available on TYPE-MOON Ace 7 and can be downloaded through torrent! Anyone has played it? give your opinion here :la:

>> Fatal Zero, the latest doujin fighting game based on Fate/zero characters by Light Maguro will be released ASAP, info :

>> The latest series of Melty Blood Actress Again : Current Code (PC) will be released on December 31th 2011 along with Carnival Phantasm OVA season 3! rejoice! :la: and fyi, the trial version has been released, anyone has played it?


>> fate/extra american ver. has been released, anyone has played it? share with us here! :D
>> fate/zero anime, how do you think? Aniplex has archived every subbed episode in their niconico channel with about 7-8 languages :D you can find them here (niconico account required)…

>> as announced in Kadokawa Shoten, TYPE-MOON Ace vol. 7 will be released this mid-December with much awesome updates, such as Fate/Apocrypha realization in December 15th, Fate/zero and Fate/extra reviews also informations, and AT LAST our long-waited Mahoutsukai no Yoru Demo will be attached as bonus :D more information :…

>> as announced in Newtype Magazine edition December 2011, Newtype website will make a survey for every people for ufotable's new project for Saber. So they will see what kind of Saber (Lily, Dark, normal, extra, zero, else) fans like to see :D still no link for this, anyone?

see you in the newest news :la:

TYPE-MOON News Team (isacchi)
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Little Miss TYPE-MOON
Long long ago...ok fuck that old introduction! We present Little Miss TYPE-MOON,
Hisui: How about Little Miss TYPE-MOON?
Kadsuki: o.o
Kohaku: ARRGHH! I shall bet my Secret Laboratory!
Prof. K: Agreed, Hisui-pyon!
Kadsuki: I will be a slave for the day!
Hisui: ....I shall practice cooking if I lose.
Kohaku: Yesssssssssssssss!!
Kadsuki: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
Kohaku: Sensei, we're ready!
Kadsuki: Yeah!
Hisui: ...
Prof. K:'s the question: How can you prove to the audience that you are worthy to be entitled as Little Miss TYPE-MOON?
Kohaku: (contestant #1) *steps on the stage* Hi, my name is Fujyou Kohaku. I know how to cook, western or eastern dishes and I love making drugs. One of my favorite drug is the Makikyuu X which turned Akiha-sama into a sexy Dutch wife. Btw, in the original Tsukihime game, I am a scheming maid who wants to kill the Tohno Family but got laid down by a guy named Tohno Shiki. That is all, thank you! *bows*
Kadsuki: O_________________________
:iconkyouyasha:Kyouyasha 8 5
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Vote your favorite character in type-moon at...
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News about Fate/Zero. Being simulcast on Niconico!
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thanks for the info :D
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New Fate Extra CCC already in progress.

The new Saber is known as "Bride Saber" and have locks in her outfit. There's also a mysterious girl with appearance similar to Fate Extra's Sakura.
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thanks for the info :D
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Did anyone play 魔法使之夜?(the night of magicians)
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the game isn't released yet :3
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Nasu must be playing his video games.

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Dark soul lol

anyway, the journal will be updated, asap~
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