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Pine Threes F2U by Ao-No-Lupus
Welcome to my Commission Hub
Please consider reading my TOS before commissioning me.
Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

My commissions are currently OPEN
I am offering group icons, fullbodies, half-paints, experimentals, semi-complex commissions currently.
$1 = 100 :points:
All my commissions are watermarked.

What I Will Not Draw/Color
Humans, Complex Machines/Mecha, Complex Creatures/Designs, Fan-art, *NSFW
*If it is drawn like one of my animal "portraits", this is fine.

I Will Draw Almost Anything Within Reason
Just ask me if I would be comfortable with it in notes. 
Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Group Icons
TribalFalls Icon by TyokaYuka Silkitties by TyokaYuka Mormorium by TyokaYuka
100x50 Size. Simple or complex. Static, or movement.
These icons are the same price base price, and go up with complexity.
You will get previews, and be asked if you want characters and words to bounce.

Ozzie by TyokaYukaNiveshi Ref. by TyokaYuka Join Altakoos-Adventures by Tyoka-ARPGHaywire by Tyoka-ARPG
Flatcolor - 500 :points:; Shaded - 550 :points:
$5/$6 Respectively
Size varies. Flatcolor or Shaded. Shading can be soft shading, or hard shaded.
Cel-shading will cost more upon request. You get a WIP sketch, but I do not offer
sketches and linearts for purchase. An extra character per image will be +100:points:
for flat color, and +150:points: for shaded. I will allow up 3 characters total in the image.

Fullbody Half-Paints
Thank You by TyokaYukaWho's this kit? by TyokaYuka
In the order of complexity;
6-9 Hours, 2-4 Hours
1200:points:, 800:points:
The canvas size varies, depending on what character is pictured as well.
More Examples of 2-4 Hours
V-I-R-A-L | AT by TyokaYuka

Grayscale 'Portrait'
Kim W. by TyokaYukaIcy by TyokaYukaI NEED A HERO by Tyoka-ARPG
Towards Realism - 2000:points:; Cartoony - 1200 :points:
$20/$13 Dollars Respectively

1080×1920 Sized Canvas (Considered HD). You will get a flat color version/flat color shaded version, AND the painted copy that is posted to DA. A WIP will be offered upon asking, and few progress shots will be shown as well without asking. This is only 1 character, and you can ask for it to be 'nude' (animal with human anatomy). Complex designs will be more costly.

With Backgrounds
By commissioning me, TyokaYuka (also Tyoka-ARPG), you are agreeing to the terms below.
 If you need to use my art in anyway not described in my terms, ask me as the artist, and person. They can change, but only before the commission is started.

General Terms/Conditions

Give me as much information as you want, but, make it clear for me to understand.
When commissioning, use forms that are listed in the commission journal here.
You will follow any rules that involves anything of mine being sold.
Have a clear reference sheet with everything you need on it.
I have the right to decline your commission if I can't finish it or, it makes me, the artist, uncomfortable.

If there is failure to follow rules and conditions, the commission will be declined.

Payment & Refund Information

During this point in time, I am only able to accept DA Points. However, a USD price will be written on the commissions list for future reference and usage. 

Any commission that is/includes half-painted, semi-complex backgrounds, and/or full detailed backgrounds must be paid half upfront. Then, have the other half paid after the commission is completed. I will say when the commission is done, and at that point in time you must pay me the other half of the commission. I will not be doing refunds under this condition for any half work that is done.

For any commission that is not as detailed as half-painted, detailed backgrounds, and semi-complex backgrounds, you must pay all upfront. I typically finish these commissions quicker than ones that involve anything that is time consuming and complex.

DA Points for larger purchases must be paid through the commission widget. Smaller purchases can be paid through donation or gifting. 

Art Process

WIPs or Work in Progress can be asked for at anytime. They will often be shown to you, the commissioner, for any clarifications that are needed. Or, if you have a larger purchase with me, and want to make sure what you want is done with the best I can offer.

Commission times can take as little as a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. I will never go on a longer wait time for more than 6 months.

If I have a commissions that are complex and time consuming. Those commissions will always be done first. It depends where in queue the commission is, to be completed.


Customer Satisfaction

Anything to make the commissioner happy, will be done to make them happy.
If the commission is completed, minor changes can be made to the commission without extra payment. (fur mistakes, small background mistakes, coloration errors)

I will not to large changes, or alter anything that is to large to alter.

If you have a reference that is not clear enough (the body is cover, or contorted) you will be asked for another, and current, ref.

Copyright & Usage of my Work

I have every right, as an artist, to use the work I have done for my own use.

I, the artist, have the right to do the following;
-use the artwork, and post it on other sites for promotion or examples of my work.
-have it on display (front page on featured, etc.) anywhere.

You, the commissioner, can do the following;
-print out the art, and claim the characters in the image yours. But, not the art itself.
-use the work for self-promotion, however, this must be agreed upon.
-use the art for self-promotion, with a credit to the artist that is linked. Always.

What is consider Copyright Infringement;
-using my work commercially, i.e. selling my work to make a profit from it.
-removing any watermarks or artist signatures on the piece.
-altering the art without any permission from me, the artist.
-taking credit for any creation by me, the artist.

Cancelling & Refunding Policy

I have the right to refund and cancel your commission at any point in time. 
You, the commissioner, however, cannot demand a refund or cancel a commission, if you have paid. If you have not paid the commission, you can cancel. 

Regarding the cancelled commission.
If you cancel the commission, and I was/am on the sketching stage. You will be refunded. However, this means I have full permission to the sketch that is used for other works.

This is my first TOS, and my heavy reference for this TOS comes from @/Yamio.
They wrote the Copyright Infringement section, as its the same from the main journal.

So, this thing about HTTYD is getting around, ain't it? Honestly, I'm just placing an opinion out here just so I can conversant with some people~

But after I made a comment on someone's status about the movie, I put enough information in it (personally) that I could expand upon and actually create and make theories on the Light Fury. So, if you don't know, the new HTTYD 3 poster had come out, and there has been some backlash about the Light Fury. Now, seeing as that this movie will be heavily based off the books (proven by soundtracks and the poster alone), there's a chance that we will know about the Hidden World and possibly the name of the Light Fury.

In the books, Toothless is a young Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus and is quite rare as they are barely seen. The 'Light Fury', as people call her, could be Luna. These dragons are large and scary, Luna is only called 'Luna' because she is white and glows. Props for Dreamworks for getting her right for being white and glowy, but she is still missing some features. I know that it will be for "children to know the difference" , but alas. They did what they wanted. But then I noticed how people kept saying "she could be a sub-species" or possibly even albino (which can't be the case, as albinos have red eyes and if she were albino it would not explain the difference and loss of scales. She would ask be tinged pink, and that would have caused an uproar). But I can certainly (well...mostly partially) prove that she could be a sub-species of Night Fury.

The original Luna is a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, it is not only that, but these dragons are found in marine places. So I'll give props to the Dreamworks for getting that right and it honestly does feel like Dreamworks will certainly do amazing with this movie. But, Luna is the probably the last known alpha before all the dragons leave and disappear for good. These dragons are usually in water and when they fly they are known to "cover up the moon". But what is this? They are known to be in deep waters and be sleep for quite a while.Quite a while being thousands of years. They are also known for showing their age through their size, from being really small to 'impossible'as stated in the books (but for this case, the Wiki since it complies it all together). And that they will shrink to any size or will shrink because of old age. But the size doesn't matter, it's the fact that they are known to be in deep waters and sleep there for thousands of years. Since I don't know everything and have only read a few of the books, this is the best I could so when it comes to talking about the books.

But now, for a personal opinion on "Luna". They made Luna look so delicate despite being an alpha. Last time I check, all the alpha's shown in the movies are large, ferocious, and often have some sign of scars or indication of constant battle. Luna is also smooth, and it makes sense seeing as these dragons are in water, but they are often covered in some sort of coral or barnacles to protect themselves. So why isn't Luna covered in barnacles or some sort of armor as stated? But other than seeing why Luna is so smooth, it doesn't make sense because these dragons are always covered in some sort of spines, mostly known around the face.

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Dunya | The-Pawprint-Islands - 4 Pages

Pine Threes F2U by Ao-No-Lupus
I have decided to open up commissions on this account!
I seem to just have nothing to post over here, why not art for others?Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

x by DiegoVainilla = Not Done!
tick by DiegoVainilla = Done!

Arrow left Queue:Arrow right 

Simple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii

The one (1) fullbody commission will cost 70 :points:. This is 70 :points: each!
The commissions will be a complete fullbody with shading, optional lighting/shading, optional overlay color and an outline of color choice!
(Tyoka-ARPG for my original prices!)

I will be taking 5 commissions at a time, but expect them to be received quickly! Just remember, try not to rush me!

Simple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii

* by Kittyrocker'Order Form' * by Kittyrocker
How many? (Only 2 at a time! But as many as you'd like!)
Shading/Lighting? (Shading, Lighting, Both or None!)
Outline Color?? (Yes/No)
If Yes, what color?
Canvas Size?? (Any size! But, don't go under 500x500 or over 650x900!)

(Click to view deviation!)
Ember Cough by Tyoka-ARPG Shy Floater by Tyoka-ARPG Papa Oso and Eggy Ezime by Tyoka-ARPG Spook and her Pumpkin by Tyoka-ARPG Lil Witch by Tyoka-ARPG

=I have the right to refuse any commission, whether I run out of time. Or I simply felt to pressured by the commissioner!
=Complex designs will cost more! Whether or not it is a Flash Sale!
=You may NOT claim my work in any way! Do not trace, redistribute, or copy in anyway. The commission may be used by the commissioner and me only! Even if you're a commissioner, ask if you'd like to post somewhere else!
=Ask me what I can and cannot do!
=Make sure to fill out the form, and post it in comment's below! If you'd like to do it in private, note me with "Commissioning" in the title!

The prices have changed, and will go up over time!

They are very simple, and state what will happen at certain times!
-Please, comment with what you want the state whether or not you would like a background! Use this as a template for ordering!
How many Characters: (up to 3 characters please!)
With Shading?: Yes/No
Link to Refs
With a Background?: Yes/No (look at the examples since they are separately priced!) 

-Yes. Backgrounds are separately priced! I am quite skilled in backgrounds, and can produce a simple background, or a complex background!
-Please do not negotiate prices. I would feel that is would be a small waste of commission time!
-I can take up to a week to get a commission done! Please be patient! 
-Do NOT send me the points right away! If I forget (for whatever reason) this is so I won't get accused of taking points! Let ME ask YOU
-I have the right to turn down a commission. Whether I am not comfortable with it, or the character design is to complex! 
-I CAN do light gore, and general bloody content! Ask me what else I can do!
-Do NOT use my artwork for a commercial use or anywhere else except for DA! The artwork on DA is temporary since I do NOT have any other art accounts!
-PLEASE give me a reference for a background if you'd like one! All of my backgrounds are done without refs!
-NOTICE! Art on this comes from BOTH of my accounts!
New-If you are going to use my art on another site, ask me please! I'll put the watermark in a place where it won't be as distracting!New 
-Fullbody Commissions-
The base price is 50 :points:!
(click for a better size!)
With Shading = +5:points: - +10 :points:
==With a Background==
Very Simple = +10 :points:
Simple = +20 :points:
Complex = +60 :points:
Tuukka | JestKid Commission by Tyoka-ARPG Dino | JestKid Commission by Tyoka-ARPG
Candy | JestKid Commission by Tyoka-ARPG Brikiki :Gift: by Tyoka-ARPG Nyla :Gift: by Tyoka-ARPG

All these examples shows how simple shading and no shading would look like without a background! If you ask for a picture with a Simple or Complex it already comes with shading!

These examples are ones with backgrounds!
Very Simple, Simple, and Complex!

Very Simple
''H-hey'' by Tyoka-ARPG Relax | Prompt #3 by Tyoka-ARPG Relaxing Team V2 by Tyoka-ARPG To a New Home by Tyoka-ARPG
Nyulops vs. Drakens! | Prompt #6 by Tyoka-ARPG What Is This? by Tyoka-ARPG Turned Events | ToY : 2 by Tyoka-ARPG Have a fun run! by Tyoka-ARPG
Scones hunt 1 by TyokaYuka After the Bug Battle by Tyoka-ARPG Rehoming of a Soul | ToY : 1 by Tyoka-ARPG

As they follow, the prices are:
10 :points: for Very Simple
20 :points: for Simple
and 60 :points: for Complex!

But what's this?
I have my own special!
(granted it'll be seen in other places, but still!)

!Circle Backgrounds!
These backgrounds can have the character inside of the circle, or on the outside of it!
These will also be a Simple background only!
The Greatest of Friends by Tyoka-ARPG '''s full of stars...'' by Tyoka-ARPG Lamp Cleaner by Tyoka-ARPG
The price for this with a fullbody is 60 :points:!

Shading, Simple Background, and Fullbody are in the price already!
It's just WAY cheaper!


!Commission To-do List!

This is a very hateful site!
And it's name,
is Chimpmania...
They are very, very hateful and raceied towards, of course, 
other races and make fun of.
Yes, make fun of multiple, very serious situations.
Someone died,
and they posted something mocking the death.

Here is the petition for signing:…

I cannot sign,
but will help spread the word.