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W.I.P Bates | Loner | WotT by TyokaYuka W.I.P Bates | Loner | WotT by TyokaYuka

Name: Bates ((Pronounced- Bait-ees, Means- Physco ))
Gender: Male
Age: 40 Moons ((3 years, 6 months))

Clan: ???
Rank: Loner
Alliance: None-Right-Now


Assigned Traits: Dexterity, Strength, Speed
Normal Traits: Intelligence, Tatic, Speech
Weak Traits: Endurance, Stealth


Description: Bates is a Dark Gray ((Lighter Black)) Spotted Tabby, with a white undercoat that goes down his Right Back Leg, he has 2 White Socks on his left side (front) and back side (right), and has 1 Black Sock (Left Front Paw). He has sharp Yellow Eyes making him ferocious in a way. His Scars contains these marks..... tail ((2 Bite Marks)) , right side ((1 Medium Scar, and 1 Short Scar)), and Left Side of his face. He Has Vililtgo, which starts from his tail, to his side, and continues. ((I will do this for 5 pictures and that would be the final stage of it))
Breed: American Shorthair x Manx x Ocicat x Chausie x American Wirehair
Personality: Bates is a very Loyal cat, who will always Do His Word when he promises something. This has often lead to cats giving him a Trustful trait, as they kept seeing he would keep his word and do what he means. Cats have often see him Caring about others but dare not to say anything about it, they didn't bother to say because he would then get into a fit of yowling. Caring also came from when he was a kit, and his young brother was taken away from him

Good- Trustful, Loyal, Does his Word
Neutral- Caring (he tries not to show it), Kind-Hearted, Helpful (he doesn't help much)
Bad- Aggressive, Rough (in even the calmest of activities), Accuses

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Vililtgo Progress:


((NPC unless otherwise))
Biological Mother: ((will make, maybe)) Beeline
Biological Father: Shooter

Sibling(s): Unnamed ((When name is given it will be placed in History))
Littermate(s): Crow, Gorge ((maybe)), Beast

-Mate/Crush: None Yet
-Kits: None



((This will be updated to a point of view, some parts won't make sense as I am pulling 'notes' to write it))
Bates was born with Crow, Gorge, and Beast to Beeline and Shooter. He was born into a kitty-pet life, itching with curiosity about things around him. He and his siblings often went around the house they lived in, that was until they found the forest. Them being the kits that they were, they went off into the growth behind the house, one kit was taken, Crow, he was taken by a two-leg kit. All the kits were of course scared and ran off back to the house. This situation helped Bates encourage himself to do things, and take his word, the take his word was to find Crow one day. They played around, with their mother mourning slightly, they even almost forgot about Crow, but knew that he was going to have a good life. They knew that some two-leg kits were very nice to kittens and they no longer had to worry.  

---time passes-10 moons later---
Bates and his siblings have never met their father after Crow got kit-napped. Beeline at this time was no longer mourning for Crow, but instead pregnant with a new litter. When they were to ask who their father would be, that got a response of a Loner tom. Bates around this time have seen cats passing around in the forests forcing Loners to join their, well what they called 'Leagues'. He was rather interested and wanted to wander off to. With of course his brother Crow in mind. He would find him before going off on his own path. But moons after he had this decision, he kept hearing more and more about the ''Leagues''. He had heard a lot. The forcing of other cats to join them, the killing, and most of all the planned massacre. He felt glad that he was a kitty-pet for now. He didn't know when it started but he was sure it would stop in the next 12 moons.

---time passes-10 moons later---
Bates mark of leaving is coming closer, just 2 more moons and then he was sure the massacre would be done.  His mother and siblings were worried of his leave. His littermates weren't sure of leaving with him, they wanted to take care of their siblings born about 3 moons ago. They had names, and one of them even wanted to leave with Bates. But he knew something that they didn't, the supposedly already ''finished'' massacre. 

---time pass 2 moons later---
---departure date---
Bates was at his time of leaving. He was ready. His siblings were ready. And especially his mother was ready, she was seeing her little kit grow up in front of her. A few hours passed after he took a quick bite of food and left. Though this was quite exciting and terrifying for him, but he was fine.

Well, was fine, until he found a dead cat. He could tell it had died a few minutes before judging from the fresh blood draining from it's neck. Well, he looked again it was also breathing, so it wasn't dead. He noted in the back of his head it was a black cat with pale blue eyes, he was going to try and help it but quickly understood that it was going to die anyways.

He shortly regretted it later, seeing as a blurring shadow kept going by. He quickly assumed it was the same cat, to which it in fact was and viciously scratched him across the face. He saw the 'deep' cut was only a short and slight cut but enough to let out enough blood to seem dead. ((This is how he got the 2 scars on his face)). He of course attacked it off the best he could and manged to kill it. Well attempted to at least, the battle was quite bloody and violent. He shortly found out that the cat was weak, and must have been attacked as a loner or at least attacked  for it's weakness by the 'Rouge Group' then left for dead. It was a quick fight that lasted for about 5 minutes, Bates' received another scar ((which is the lower bite mark)). 

He knew his life as a loner was going to be harder than he thought, especially since he was looking for his brother first. And then going to join.

---time pass 2 moons later---
This was Bates second year. He was officially an 'adult'. He had a deep realization that he left so young, and should have stayed with his siblings and mother. He could have helped them hunt to feed them. 

The days were still dark, or in his eyes, they were very dark. His Vililtgo had spread more. Speckled his tail and tip of his backside with two large splotches and two small splotches. He knows this as he hasn't seen them appear before in his water reflection. 

He walked for months now, and wanted to turn around. To only realize that he couldn't go back now. He was just to far away. He thought for a moment, and wanted to find a place to sleep under. His eyes were heavy with sleep. And then he saw it. A silhouette of a house. Maybe, just maybe they would let a cat sleep under the house or something. All the humans he had met were quite nice, and he wondered what would happen with these ones. He walked closer and closer to the house. And as the silhouette started to clear up he saw a small body that got closer and closer. 

"Whos there?"
Says a strange, yet familiar voice.
Bates gulps in nervousness, he hadn't heard a cats voice in such a long time. All he heard was howls and wails, no words, just those noises. 
He decided to say his name.
"I am Bates..."

The shadow makes a slight gasp then soft sob noise. 
The shadows moves out of the 'fog' and a small black cat come forward.

---time pass 2 moons later---
"I still can't believe I found you...after all this time!"
Bates said practically crying. 
"I thought they took you, and the rest is history!"

Crow smiled at his brother.
"It has been so long huh?"
He replies trying the continue the conversation.

Bates has lived under the house Crow was in so he wouldn't get caught by his owners.
He knew humans were friendly, but it just seemed fitting not to actually meet them. 
He was a wild cat now, not a house cat.
Bates turned his head to notice 2 small cats, no, kittens playing with each other.

"C...Crow. Who are they?"
He asks lifting his paw and and towards the two un-collared kittens.
They seemed to be less than 3 moons, but they were active.

"Oh, them!"
Crow says almost forgetting.
"Those are my kits! They were born a little more than 4 moons ago. Time passes quickly..."
He says mumbling.
Bates was shocked.
"Your kits! Wow! I didn't know that you had kits! Especially before me!"
"Yeah..."Crow responded to the slight remark. 
"So who was..."
"Their mother...was a Rouge of that group" Crow said cutting off Bates' sentence to tell him where the mother was.
"Don't worry, their is a mother cat I made friends with, and she has kittens of her own, she said she was fine with feeding them."

---26 MOONS OUT OF 40---

Plans for the next update:
-Bates' meets his brother with 2 other kits that turn out to be Crows Green Check Mark 
-Bates' shall meet a She-Cat Loner, who later almost gets Assassinated from Betrayal   
-He meets Gorge wandering off the find Bates' who found Crow
-Bates' learns that his younger siblings Milky and Sugar were killed 
-He joins the League voluntarily 

-Animals that show up are All NPC'S unless otherwise 
-His story will have a lot of Death in it due to him being Born Around the time of the Massacre 
-Bates' Vililtgo has a blame notice, his family says its a "curse" as every cat that shows up in the family with it will always wander out into trouble. But his mother found it as a Beauty and never blamed the curse
-The last cat to have Vililtgo in his family was his Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandcatma
-The Grandcatma's name was Speckled Snowflakes

Role play Example: 

---Bates looked at his home for the last time. He was finally doing it, he was going to leave his home he had for moons and become a Wonder-er. That's at least what their mother called the cats from a happy life that went off to leave and live for themselves. Bates did in fact want to make her proud, as he heard of this 'Rouge Group'. and wanted to join. He felt that he has been ready for the many restless moons ahead of him.

Relationships: (Optional)

Bullet; White  - Acquaintance.
Bullet; Blue - Friend.
Bullet; Yellow - Good Friend.
Bullet; Pink - Crush.
Bullet; Red - Love.
Bullet; Black - Hate/Discomfort.
Bullet; Orange Dislike.
Bullet; Purple - Mixed Feelings.


Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! StreamClan 

 ShallowClan Paw Print Bullet (Green) - F2U!

Paw Bullet (Brown) - F2U! StoneClan Paw Bullet (Brown) - F2U!

jsenn the beloved Outsidersjsenn the beloved 



-The history will be updated and told in his point of view
-His sibling, Beast, was in fact Female
-Crow was taken at 4 moons old, though for the kits they always knew they were way to young to wander around ((they snuck out)) 
-His siblings that the mother gave birth to during ''teen's'' were named Speckled, Badger, Milky, and Sugar, one unnamed kit died sadly.
-Gorge left the house about 6 moons after Bates' left
-The cause of Bates' Vililtgo is Melanocytes a Melanin-Forming Cell , in other cases its a natural "disaster" as the owners call it
-The last fact is incorrect because his owners never noticed the White Patch starting his Vililtgo  

Beeline- A average sized white and golden patched tabby she-cat, she has 3 Golden Tabby Patches on both sides

Shooter- A black and white mackerel tabby. The white stays more on his chest, while his stripes are more on the tiger-striped side

Crow- A dark grey tom with darker lynx markings, mostly on his lower legs that has white toes


Beast- A classic tabby and slightly spotted cream she-cat, she has several scars, her markings are even a darker shade of cream

Speckled- A unknown gendered cat, with a black pelt and a seemingly brownish-red speckles on their whole pelt

Badger- A tom cat with a simple white stripe down his back

Owner(s): TyokaYuka
Art by: TyokaYuka

Group Belongs to Firekitsunecat
Refference done by potassivm

Thank You Firekitsunecat for drawing on the points for me!
I really appreciate it!

Exp Count: 175 EXP

~Assigned Traits~
(Starts off with 5 Skill points worth 1 square each, and after goes to 2 boxes= 1 Skill points)
Start:1 + 1
Strength- 3
Start 2 + 1
Start 2 + 1

~Normal traits~
(1 box= 1 skill point)

~Weak Traits~
(1/2 box= 1 Skill points and 1 box=2 skill points)
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