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Korgal Auction *OPEN* #002 by TyokaYuka Korgal Auction *OPEN* #002 by TyokaYuka
Bid Start: 20 Points
Bid Inscrease: *any*
Autobuy: 700 Points (mostly to encourage bidders)

Owner: N/A
Auction Ends: 12/13/17

Interesting Notes on this Korgal:
This Kogral seems to be a bit different from the rest. This Korgal seems to take on an equine pattern rather than one of a cat. There on no patterns on it's stomach and front legs, and seems to be much different from the rest. The opening on it's sidelets you see it's side let's you see it's organs.


Quick Overveiw of 'Korgals'
Korgals are a species of cat-hybrid that sport interesting features. They are around the size of a cheetah, and come in many designs. One thing they have in common are their coat colors (only being realistic) sporting white or off-white 'hood' markings. The 'hood marking' will always be present from Korgal to Korgal, and it is very rare to find on that doesn't sport this feature. Korgals very fleshy bits always seem to be a range of any color possible, from Bright Red to Royal Purple. They can be easily identified from each other by these traits. The most fleshy parts on Korgals are defined by: pawpads, nostrils, eye socket, mouth, ears, and the tip of their tail. 

More will be viewed on an official species overview
TyokaYuka Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Student General Artist
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Bid Start: 20 Points
Bid Increase: *any*
Autobuy: 700 Points (mostly to encourage bidders)
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December 3, 2017
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