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Bearclaw by TyokaYuka Bearclaw by TyokaYuka
Application info (At least the base of it)

Name: Bearclaw
gender: male (confused though)
Age: 25 moons
Breed: (Mix) Manx, Lykoi, American Bobtail and American Wirehair

Personality: Bearclaw is a  rather clam cat and quiet, that will listen to whatever commands given to him by a leader ,deputy, medicine cat, or a warrior in charge of something important. He will often offer to take care of elders and cats who have gotten hurt, and will not eat often until the whole clan is fed (as of the warrior code). Apart from being a quiet cat he is Supportive. Bearclaw grew up with a very supporting family himself, and the Supportive trait went through all cats in his family. His supportive side will mostly be "If you will do that, I will make sure you are okay afterwards" ( if something intense happens) or "If that is what you wish, I believe in you enough to go ahead and do it!" 

History: Bearkit was born to Whiteclaw, his mother being unknown. The only mother he had known was his adopted mother Stonepelt, a gray colored she-cat. Bearkit grew up like any other kit but had many questions about himself, such as "why don't I have a tail like the others?" and "why do I look a lot different from my parents?". Part of his questions were answered, as his father in fact was a Manx and Lykoi mix. But he still didn't understand why he still looked different from his mother. But soon enough came the day of his apprenticeship.
i need to update this...

rank: warrior
Clan: Mistclan

Mate: OPEN
Kits: NONE
Orientation: straight

Other family: 


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July 6, 2016
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