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Destiny Handcannon Red bandit mk38 by TynoDex Destiny Handcannon Red bandit mk38 by TynoDex
Deiceided to go with Red/black and gunmetal paint on the Handcannon, in this pic i started to weatering it and i did the Hunter emblem on the side of the gun on both sides.....
zanderwitaz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Professional Artist
Hey dude, you asked me to give you some feedback via facebook and Ive been slammed until now. So here it is!

I think where you can improve the most is proportions. For some people, making blueprints is how they deal with it. I try and get screen caps. If I can only get a couple of views, having a good understanding of proportion and perspective helps a ton. 

The detailing is pretty good. Theres a few things that were simplified, like the areas behind the cylinder, but overall the detail is there. You can spend more time on it for a more precise sculpt. Practice and patience with an exacto knife is key. 

The grip is where most people get it wrong. Usually, the mechanical bits are sculpted well and the grip is an overly simplified brick, or a mushy organic mess. Yours is only slightly simplified but looks great. It might actually be my favorite part of this gun. (and the guard under the grip)

The paint/masking/stencil work looks great. The weathering is probably the weakest part of your paint work. I think building up the weathering in lighter layers and making it look less deliberate can help.  Also try mixing in some brown, or even a hint of rust color. You can grind up some pastels and use those too. (Be sure to seal it after smudging it around with a tissue, etc) Some people like to do the silver edges on parts for "metallic "wear but I'm not a huge fan and am glad you didnt go that direction. 

Overall, solid intermediate level build! Lock in those proportions next time, and spend a little more time on fine details, and you'll have a top notch prop. 

TynoDex Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks alot for your feedback! Im taking it in. As you said practis makes perfect!
VinnyMartello Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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