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Rough sketches are $10 USD.
Finished, uncolored lineart is $15 USD.
Flat-color drawings are $20 USD.
Fully-shaded drawings are $25 USD.
Fully-shaded drawings w/ backgrounds are $30 USD.
Inked lineart is $35 USD.
Inked lineart w/ color is $40 USD.
Graphic design w/ art is $40 USD.
Comics (lineart only) are $50 USD per page.
Character design + reference sheets are $50 USD.
(Note: please add $10 for each additional character.)

To receive a commission, send us a Note here on dA, and tell us what you'd like us to draw. If you have a PayPal account, we can give you our e-mail so you can send your money to us (if you don't have a PayPal account, we can figure something else out). Once you do, we'll whip up whatever you want us to do, and we'll send it to you privately before uploading it online.

We can do...
*Looney Tunes
*Other classic cartoons (MGM, Universal, Fleischer, Columbia, etc.)
*Obscure cartoon characters of all kinds
*Classic Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon
*Super Mario Bros.
*Other Nintendo
*My Little Pony
*Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Gumball, Chowder, Harvey Beaks
*Cats and big cats
*Mustelids, such as weasels, badgers, and otters
*Rodents, such as rats, squirrels and beavers
*Raccoons, coatis and other relations
*Foxes, wolves, and coyotes
*Etc. (skunks, hedgehogs, anteaters, what have you)
*Fantasy creatures
*Highly detailed details

We're also quite willing to learn to draw something new, as long as it doesn't contain anything from below...

We won't do:
*Most primates (lemurs and obviously humans are fine)
*Most anime (depends- ask us first)
*Most superheroes (depends- ask us first)
*Most Sonic fan characters (there's enough of them out there already)
*Most Pokémon after Gen III (excepting some like Lucario or Snivy)
*John Kricfalusi/Seth McFarlane/any crude, gross-out, or bigoted humor whatsoever
*Adventure Time/Steven Universe/Rick and Morty/almost everything in bean-mouth aka "Cal-Arts" style
*Mechas/robots (can't draw 'em!)
*Insects and fish (can't draw 'em either, unless it's from one of the above)
*Adult material (sexual content above PG-13, fetishes, gore- even implied)
*Weird shipping (unless done humorously)

To give you an idea of the sort of things we take inspiration from, check out this journal:…

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is it possible you could do oc's???