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Now that we have a tablet, I've been poking around deviantArt for free(!) brushes to use in Photoshop, and I've discovered some really good ones. I thought it'd help if I shared the ones I've found, and maybe give a boost to the artists who made 'em too.

Photoshop CS1-CC Pencil Brushes Tool Presets by BerolEagle
    Looks very much like our own pencils, great for touching up scans.
Daves Comicbook Inking Set Version 2 2012 by Brollonks
    For the old-school ink pen look.
Digital Oil Brushes - Free Download by Andantonius
Photoshop Brushes / Deharme OIL SET (Photoshop CC) by Deharme
    Very nice recreations of oil paint. I'm hoping to do fancy paintings of cartoon characters and such eventually.
5 Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop by pixelstains
    If I'm ever going to get that Ken Sugimori look, I'll need these.
super-tuler's Brush by super-tuler
    Speaking of which... this is very suited for Pokémon art, and seems to manage texture just with random ovals.
Peynesgrey Drawingbrushes by Brollonks
    Not sure what these are supposed to be exactly, but they look very analog.
Fur Brushes - UPDATED by Lhuin
    For fluffy things.
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After literally over ten years of saving up money (plus two or three years of hoarding Amazon gift cards), we finally had enough to buy a Wacom Cintiq. Being able to draw directly onto the computer has been a long-time dream of ours, and finally, finally we’re able to do it.

No compromises by buying an iPad and hoping that a third-party app and a third-party stylus would do the trick. (It didn’t- there was no pressure sensitivity and the lag was terrible. The iPad eventually locked up and I never made a backup.)

No buying a used Cintiq off eBay and finding that the darned screen- the whole point of getting a Cintiq- doesn’t work. (It must have been a very old model anyway, it was clunky and looked and felt like a Windows 98 computer. It didn’t have pressure sensitivity either.)

Up until a week ago, I was sure we were going to get a new iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil, since Cintiqs were and are stupidly expensive. But I couldn’t find a second-screen app that didn’t require a monthly subscription, which is just… ridiculous. And seeing as we don’t have a regular income yet, that was definitely not an option.

So imagine my surprise that Wacom actually released a “budget” model recently. $650 is hardly “cheap” at all, and it still would have taken this long to save enough for it, but it came out slightly cheaper than the iPad, Pencil, and whatever app combined, so we figured what the heck, let’s get the real deal.

Waiting this long has been so frigging frustrating. I’m sure we would have had a tablet years ago if it weren’t for our mom borrowing money and never paying us back. (Don’t think badly about my mom, though, she’s great, but she does do things that drive me up the wall sometimes.)

And I don’t know how other people draw with a pencil and not have to clean all the gunk and erased lines from the scan in Photoshop. It takes almost twice as long to make a scanned drawing look nice than it does to actually draw it. That’s the mean reason we don’t upload art as often as we’d like to.

So it’s finally here. We can make art without all the frustrations. Faster and more efficiently. Not to mention we can use it to clean our scanned art more easily too.

Of course, we still had to wait another day for an adapter cable because our Mac doesn’t have a friggin’ HDMI port. But what’s one more day compared to over ten years?? Ugh.

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Inspired by the legendary video game (if you couldn't tell)
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Would anybody be interested in supporting me on Patreon or Ko-Fi? I haven’t actually had a steady income at any point in my life, and I can’t seem to get any kind of art job despite any work I show in my portfolios.

My current setup would only allow me to do pencil drawings for “rewards” or whatever I wind up doing. (I’ve mentioned it before, but I have no tablet of any kind.) That is, if I want to get them out in any sort of reasonable time, since anything more elaborate would take too long (cleaning eraser marks and other smudges is more time-consuming than you’d think). I promise I’ll NEVER make it a paywall.

Anyway, I just added a link on my Tumblr* about commission prices to give you an idea of what I’m asking for/capable of. If you don’t wanna do Patreon, just a commission is good too. I really could use the work.

*see also here on dA

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My own spin on the "chillwave" and "downtempo" genres, which I made in less than a day, deconstructing its elements into something else. (It actually took longer to make the video.)
So throw together a bunch of major-seventh chords mostly in Lydian mode, an accidental polychord, and away you go.
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Including the latest hit single from The Pony Tones
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Inspired mainly by the dial tone the Darkiplier videos always have. It kind of makes it seem like he's living on another plane of existence.
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Insert your favorite spunky sci-fi heroine here.
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Mangle is sad...
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Any cartoon that uses Mellotron vibes all over the place is totally cool with me. Harvey Beaks is sadly a really underrated show.
So here's a pastiche of the background music, each inspired by my favorite locations.
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I was pretty jazzed to see this new feature at first, but then I ran into a problem- how do I get it to switch from the near-useless points system to PayPal instead??
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This tune is inspired by the various eerie, dark woods found in old school video games, particularly Mario and Zelda, so I envision this as a track from a 16-bit or 32-bit RPG.
It was also an excuse to experiment in weird scales, like the augmented scale, and weird chords and weird meters.
Most of it is played on Mellotron.
  • Listening to: Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Company
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Written by us
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It's been a long time coming (mostly because I hadn't been able to do it for a long time), but I finally got myself a new avatar. The old one was certainly amusing, but I think only two other people knew what it was. (For the record, it was the "Blastoise" from the NES pirate "Pokémon Blue", a shameless hack of the Wacky Races game.)
The new guy is Willy, from the comparatively less obscure, Nintendo-approved game Rockin' Kats. (Go play it.) It's a much better representation of ourselves, I think- vintage cartoons meet retro video games. Plus it's an animal. I can't think of a more appropriate pop culture reference, can you?

It really ought to be double the size I uploaded, but deviantArt is extremely iffy when it comes to GIFs that aren't 50x50 pixels apparently. Hopefully you guys aren't squinting at it too much.
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Is there any way of stopping people from giving me those pointless llama things? It's really getting annoying.
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