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RAMPS Game v1.0

By tylersticka
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August 18, 2007: No longer "beta," enjoy!

Finally, a new version!

Thanks to all who commented on version 0.8 with their opinions, suggestions and encouragements. They were greatly appreciated.

The object is to position and rotate the ramps so that you can navigate the spheres to the safe goal (usually in the lower-right) while avoiding obstacles without dropping them into the lava. You can dispense a sphere by clicking the dispenser (usually in the upper-left). You may only dispense one sphere at a time.

To clear all spheres currently in play, click the trash can with the sphere icon. To reset all ramps and spheres in the level, click the normal trash icon.

There are still one or two little bugs, but for the most part they have been squashed. I had to get this out of my system so I can move on to other projects (including another Flash game I'm working on).

Improvements include:

- Lots of physics adjustments and such. The goal still isn't perfect, but what in life is?

- Better menus with score breakdowns after each level.

- Plenty more levels (33 in total), with much more variety within them.

- Obstacles such as barriers, vacuums and... well, you'll just have to play to find out?

- After beating a level you will be given a password to return to that level, which you can enter at the start screen or by clicking the help icon.

- Depending on your score at the end of the game, you will get "cheat" passwords that will unlock weird stuff so that you can play around a bit.

I hope you enjoy it!
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Cubester64's avatar
That last level relied on too much RNG, but other than that, a great game!
kori-hibana's avatar
this is addicting O.o
jelenasseid's avatar
a wonderful game!
Orange-rose123's avatar
i cant get it 2 work :(
Aguilera87's avatar
n3eeded to say not play in a large window, cause u cant transport the ball
Kenra-Motsunay's avatar
i dont know if the hands help or not XD
Kenra-Motsunay's avatar
XD the level name crack me up
JFPCreations's avatar
really cool game complete in 30 min or so
score 103820

i wish it have more level.

great job
ExuberantStarchild's avatar
Yay! I completed the game :) :dance: :boogie:
ShyGuy95's avatar
It doesn't start, it's paused all the time! Also, there's some password stuff, how does that work?
GravityOnHold's avatar
Finished with a score of 103670!
graytapmedia's avatar
Sorry, you don't get any more cheats unless you get a high score without using any. I know, I know, you want to mess with the game as much as possible before your boss or teacher walks by, but have you ever heard the saying "patience is a virtue"?

If you're still curious, your final score was 102210 cheatin' points. lol awesome!!!
graytapmedia's avatar
65490 Final score!!!

cheat unlocked
Multiple spheres in play
Password: hahaha

awesome game!!!
not that hard took me 10 minutes to beat the game

then again im high on coffee
katez-chan's avatar
Holy crap, level 32 is fricking impossible! :O
RaptorArts's avatar
Sweeet I beat the game! My score was 100330 Very cool and challenging!
can't get past 23. >_<
Lilreeper's avatar
Whoooo amazing game it was funnn I've beat it three times so far! Good job!
WhisperedEcho's avatar
Very nice job. Lots of fun to play. Did you create it with AS 2 or 3 just out of curiosity?
tylersticka's avatar
AS2, as CS3 hadn't debuted yet when this was started as a student project.

The inevitable sequel will be created in AS3. :-)
WhisperedEcho's avatar
Ah. Very cool! Looking forward to playing the sequel. :-)
rubymax1's avatar
why wont it work?
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