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Mega X Space Jam


I came up with this concept for Mega and the others after seeing Space Jam: A New Legacy. Truthfully, I skipped past the live action segments up until the actual basketball scenes (I figure most people are coming for the Looney Tunes anyway), and I was made aware of how much of an advertisement it is for different Warner Bros. properties before going in. Nonetheless, I still had a fun time once things got "looney", and it got some genuine laughs out of me. I've seen Wile E. get so close to his goal only one other time, and I got excited over a cameo from a show I don't even watch (no spoilers). It isn't even terrible, but I wouldn't recommend it for its story, but more for its zanier moments (which oddly enough reviews say is lacking). But enough about that. I quickly thought of what it might look like if Mega and the others were in a Space Jam scenario, each of them using their own special powers. I even thought of Gummy giving his Sidetable Scooter (see the comics) to Cartoon Network's Kids Next Door to upgrade into the S.I.D.E.T.A.B.L.E.P.L.A.Y.E.R. that's seen here. Crossovers are always kind of interesting. 

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