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hey folks its been awhile if you are looking to see what i work on currently please stop by and pay a visit!…

For those looking to join on the next one its due oct 5
the theme is humanity Vs nature. All welcome Participate here…
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see the details on the next contest here…
use this promo link…

Thanks for your support. 
the objective is to download this 3d/ mockup and turn it into a game level concept by painting over it!
 photo ScreenShot2015-01-13at65842AM_zpscd3dff9f.png

Enter here…
Last months Winner Cyril Jedor!! 
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watch the critiques and other entries below!

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Clocking in at approximately 4 hours and for the sale price of $9.95
I take a look a thorough process of developing and designing a character. Warning if your looking for tips just to draw big breasted fantasy chicks this is not it.…
 photo image_zps4af69ea9.jpg ; <--------- purchase here 

-2hr 12m video tutorial 

-3 psd files 

- brushes used 

-reference images used

-complimentary time lapse video of warm up painting

I paint two complete scenes with two different approaches. In the first part I'll use photo manipulation and paintovers, in the second part I paint from scratch. 

Ill cover layering, brush techniques, and lighting while using reference. Also show a few style alterations of these scenes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

 photo composition_zps8873bb11.jpg

Check it out here just $5

I cover everything I know on the subject in a simple and concise lecture with examples and demos for everything. 
I want to make some affordable gumroad tutorials, affordable ones 1-5$ what would you like to see regarding what is covered topic or technique wise.
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Hey Everyone Im hosting the first Brush Sauce Theatre art contest taking place throughout the month of July. PLease visit the page for details all welcome.…

join the community directly here :…

Join the community here:…

Download the model here…
Feel free to join and post your work over at the Brush Sauce Community page…

The 3d model is is downloadable from a link in the video description. Feel free to give it a paint over of your own. 
Seriously they are much appreciated I read them all. 
Thanks to all my recent watchers and comments as well, again I read them all!

You can find me more active on facebook so hope to see you there as well! 
Hey guys! I wanted to announce ill be on radio podcast tonight at 7pm eastern. 
Ill be live and talking with the amazing instructors there, I hope you can tune in and listen. It will be archived if your interested but busy tonight.

a link to the companion article…

My brushes are linked on the youtube video description. link was working here.