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underground city

Im not too into posting older work but i just found this file and thought id throw it up. A concept for game project that is on hold. thanks to =fox-orian for helping with a little 3d mesh.
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this is a real literal photograph if ur not a blindo as i call it u know what im saying

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...nice -- love the image, and the concept; well done.
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TV Tropes certified!
This looks like it could be concept art for a subterranean Bioshock game. Good stuff!
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Reminds me of Fallout. Are you still working on this?

BTW: Smile! You're on TV Tropes!
little boy looks like old man
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Impressive, looks like something I'd imagine a hollowed asteroid settlement would look like or something.
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man looks like final fantasy 7
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damn good work mate
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kinda reminds me of the City of Ember
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Glad you did! Looks incredible :)
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awesome artwork :o
This is really good!
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Reminds me of the book "City of Ember".
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it's kind of like tron legacy with the lights on the's so awshum!
I like all these cityscapes! Makes me think I may be from the future!
What I like about this one is it is not a shot from 1200 feet in the air (although I like those also), but you have brought us down to street level! Kind of shows a slice of everyday life. And I for one, have often wondered, what goes on in these beautiful utopian places? Here is part of the answer.
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Amazing! I love your artwork!
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thanks for checking out some older pieces too
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Reminds me of the book: "Tunnels". I imagined a part of the book to look something like this.
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