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floating city kerris

video process here : [link]

Recent commission for lucky squid studios check out their homepage here [link]

sidenote i put up a new painting video on my youtube this week found here [link]

blog --> [link]
Facebook --> [link]
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Was this at all inspired by NetStorm?
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
What I want to know is, did they finally give up on making edible shit?
You have to be quite Swift to get that joke....
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Wow!! Have you ever considered doing a huge piece like this except with high detail at an extreme resolution?
It'd be QUITE the task, but it seems like a fun project!!
Fantastic work here, really up there! Top notch!
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gorgeous concept and beautifully executed! I'm in love with the colorful rooftops and the clouds around the city give the painting a pretty and mysterious atmosphere, great job. :)
Está hermoso, debe ser maravilloso estar ahí recorriendo.
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This artwork is so beautiful.
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Wow that's good. 
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heyy-- i was thinking--

well, i am making a roleplay group, and i would love to use your art in the group, but of course i need to ask your permission to do that so.. here i am.

of course everytime i'd use your art, i'd put a link to your dev. and give the credits to you, that's a thing i promise to do.
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Very wonderful view!
absolutely beautiful. great depth. I'm developing a world for a novel series and wish I could make creations like this. nice job.
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Wonderful 'o'
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I want to see if a mod will approve of this as a rp city idea.
Yhrite's avatar
Makes me think of Bioshock Infinite + Ni No Kuni, INCREDIBLE work!
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Wow, I can imagine people living in this city. Great perspective.
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this is soo amazing i cant even begin to explain how amazing it is...
i draw exceptionally well but i've never been quite the landscape person so i hope i can be able to draw as well as this sooner or later...

like i said,  AMAZING DRAWING!
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I'm so happy write now , this is amazing concept.... this is just to beautiful :la:
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Reminds mo of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  Very beautifully done! *gives thumbs up*
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What a wonderful world
I would ask you if I can use some of your art (surely only this one actually and maybe Floating city Bridgea) to illustrate a Role Play forum of mine. I will make no money from it, and your gallery will appear in the Special Thanks. I'm waiting for your answer and won't do anything without your consent.

PS: I'm French, and so is the forum, so it may be possible that I didn't make myself clear.
PPS: It goes without saying, but I love your work :D
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