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June 11, 2009
departure by ~gamefan84 is full of detail and leaves you wondering what is going to happen next. This is a great example of concept art!
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blog [link]

This was made as a lose concept inspired by several games and movies. Made in photoshop.
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There are so many stories that could be happening right now in this picture. I love it.
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That thing is cool!
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Finally hit the end of your gallery (sad face)! You do some fantastic work, and there are so many different styles. Your making me much more excited to get a tablet! :)
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get one they are fun, good luck!
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Reminds me a lot of Howl's Moving Castle!!! love that movie ;)
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me likes the gave me an idea...keep it up
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Really really neat, you should be proud. I have also looked at some of your other stuff, very very cool.
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thanks a ton for checking it out!
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Wow, cool! Definitely seeing the Miyazaki vibe. ;)
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awesome thanks for checking out my work
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the ship has the Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki feel to it.
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yep a lot of work was inspired by ghibli thanks for looking!
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This reminds me of a fantasy version of Red Dead Redemption. Very inspiring! Your art above most everything else I've seen to date makes me actually ENJOY wondering what is outside the frame. With most art it feels like more of a chore. It feels like I'm wondering "why didn't the artist paint more?" Never with you though. I'm time and time again drawn into your snapshots of a fictional world and glad to wonder for myself what else might exist there. Lovely art :)
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well thanks a lot for all the kind words. During my bad week this type of comment always lifts my spirits
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Dang, I love it when I forgot I favorited something, then it randomly comes up again, and I fall in love with it all over again! :D Very beautiful!
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thanks im happy to hear that
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You're welcome! :D
Out of curiosity, what were your inspirations for this?
you said it was from several games and movies, but which one in particular?
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