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city concept 2

my finished concept of this city.
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I wish I could buy a canvas print of this.
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...beautiful concept -- love the green.
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This is one kick-ass alien landscape! 
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very cool.. i'm trying to imagine what it really is, maybe some future hydro-electric power plant?
Or a really nice business park? lol. i've come to realize that it would be very difficult to build a structure holding grass/soil/water, without it caving in or falling apart. just saying. But nice work bro
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I like the lighting on the water and the textures on the bottom of the stuff
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it would be amazing if somewhere in the future if these would ever exist ;o;

i kinda doubt it? who knows
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Wow, this image with your announcement almost made me think "DeviantArt" is some sort of art city. I like this work! 

Success fella (Reactions) 
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Wonderful image, and congrats on being featured in the scheduled maintenance message!
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oh wait i just saw it, had no clue
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Oh.. I'd have thought they would have informed you before using it. nevertheless, free publicity..
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haha nope i guess from what i heard its not the first time either guess its all good
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haha what is that?
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