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breath of wild painting 3

link meeting with the shiekahs!
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Feedington's avatar
Very moody. Great work.
TheInvertedTower's avatar
There really wasn't much of a story and nothing you did really seemed significant, but there were some rare moments when the characters had their own sense of 'self', their own stories. The biggest problem with Botw is how everything revolves around you.
iamSketchH's avatar
Or rather, how everything revolves around Zelda. Link was supposed to be gathering up his memories--but (just an observation), a lot of his memories were actually Zelda's memories--some he wasn't even present for.

Still, I really liked it. But, I do wish there had been a touch more story as well.
companioncube40's avatar
This is how I wanted to see the shiekah in BOTW. Mysterious and dark. But what we actually got wasn't that bad either. 
firedragonmatty's avatar
Damn, now I really hope there's a scene like this in BoTW.
Isaac-Li-Yenko's avatar
Great illustration !
jwebsterart's avatar
Breathtaking, really powerful composition and atmosphere. 
Mad42Hatter's avatar
I love how, in every dark council of elders, there's that one guy who just doesn't give a fuck about impressions. He doesn't care if he looks like some guy's grandpa out for a round of Sunday morning golf, he can turn you into a toad with a snap of his fingers.
KevinFurr's avatar

So great! Love the lighting on the floor. The speckles of light give it a cold wet look.

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