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breath of the wild fanart 1

hey guys i have really been inspired by what i have seen so far in the trailer i have made this quick painting to celebrate that. 
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Aww, this is such a great design, I really wish we could have gotten enemies in the game that looked like this :(
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is that molduga? He looks awesome
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This is so cool!
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Hi Tyler !! Love this one !
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Wait, I haven't been watching every BotW trailer that comes out, so there's a part where Link rides a sand walrus while Twinmold from Majora's Mask pursues?

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Awesome work with it! :aww:
Let's just hope that sand walrus is fast enough or Link's going to be screwed! ^^;
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Really amazing, great work (:
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This is really awesome!! :D

You should draw some fan art for Kingdom Hearts since KH 2.8 was released recently, I'd love to see you draw Sora Kairi and Riku!! ;)
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