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Painting a sci-fi City with Leon tukker Tutorial

Painting by Leon   for a tutorial we collaborated on for Brush Sauce Theatre.

:bulletred:Watch it here! part1 :…
part 2:…

:bulletblue: download this 3d model here if you want to try and paint over it!…

join the brush sauce community and post here…
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You are so talented :)

Amazing portfolio. R:)ect for your work !!!!

shivuartrack's avatar

Too good skills, awesome you draw so realistically...!

you have all the process you have done... great it thought me a lot... thanks a ton.

Take a look at my art

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I presume the river stank? Stank of all the shit and industrial detritus that leaked out of the city.
Queen-Britonia's avatar
Wow ... That's one great and detailed picture !
Ultraiveta22's avatar
The very attractive and excellent picture
vertigodesigns1's avatar
This is awesome man. Love the lighting. 
Hi dude :D it's Yami again.
I'd like to publuish this picture too for the same website, can I ?
Hippokampos's avatar
Wow..this is absolutely stunning. Damn, I wish I could paint/draw. 
flaiil's avatar
Looks like a concept for a game. It's so impressive! :la:
Andrew-Lim's avatar
Great work man!
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for some reason I can't take my eyes off of that space under the overhang toward the bottom left. Even though it's very far away you can feel the intimacy of that space, I want to study just that corner of this wonderful painting and figure out what it is about it that attracts me so.
SirRinge's avatar
Wait, this looks familiar... Or is it just based off the same city? Anyway, looks awesome, the detail is crazy as usual :D I like how the people on the left are so sorta vague shadows, makes it look really epic :D
eightsnake's avatar
Really interesting!  Thanks for sharing. :)
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Glowe94's avatar
This looks fantastic!
digitalhamptons's avatar
Amazing work Tyler, I'd love to use this for a header for my site if you are cool with that.  
TylerEdlinArt's avatar
you will have to discuss it with leon tukker a link to his profile is in the description. 
Rireri's avatar
Woaw.. Just.. Wooooaw..! La la la la 
The the details... O.o Amazing! 
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
This is a whole new level for you, man. This is very, very cool.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Ah, this is Tukker's himself. Damn, I really thought it said you had painted over his model. My bad - still, I'd like to see you take a shot at it.
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