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September 3, 2011
Escadia streets revisited by *gamefan84. The Suggester said: "I was stunned speechless by the colors and sheer amount of details in this work. It really takes you into the fantasy world of the artist's own creation.".
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Escadia streets revisited

Originally submitted 2 years ago this is my idea better realized.
There are a few minor issues but I was aiming for atmosphere and design.

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Escadia street ways concept:
It is the focal point of commerce. Having been built and rebuilt over the centuries the city's foundation hold many secrets, labyrinths, and stories. Located in the lower districts are the markets and merchant waterways. Moving up to residential areas and even higher is business sectors and high rise plazas, followed by vistas right on the outskirts at the shore. Many different races can be found here hoping to build a more secure life.

main influences are ff9,ff12, chrono cross
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Your cityscapes bring to mind the Lord Valentine novels by Robert Silverberg, which depicted humans living cheek by jowl with other sentient species, not only in peace but interdependence. One could also imagine they exist on the inner surface of a Dyson sphere with a land area 100,000 times or more that of Earth. I am very taken with the banners, the waterways, the trains shuttling back and forth across bridges and causeways. I especially love the myriad of aircraft, which appear to operate on propulsion technologies unknown to present day science. Thank you or sharing these products of your vivid imagination with us.
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Look like a town in Final fantasy XII ! :o (Eek) Heart 
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It really does!
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Love all the colors
kittyface27's avatar
wow! how long did this take? with ps?
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I love it!!! :heart: :love: Darn now I want to play Final Fantasy XII! Reminds me of Rabanastre. 
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This is purely Awesome!!!Heart +fav 
Wow, I'm really impressed! The whole concept, your sense for details and the atmosphere is impeccable!
All in all it is all in a harmony, I just wanne jump right into the picture! It's difficult to not overdo a drawing full with details, and you managed it very well!
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The details on this one is simply stunning! Very nicely done!
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Wonderful perspective!
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I've saved the link to this in my bookmarks; whenever I feel bored with my life I look at this and think about worlds I would love to inhabit.
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really amazing,, if only i had some money,,, i would like to buy this picture,,
TylerEdlinArt's avatar
as low as 15$ in my online shop! 
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I want to visit there!!!
TylerEdlinArt's avatar
its fabulous there
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It does look like Arcadia meets Lindblum. Good job!
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Ooorrgghhhk... that watermark. *dies*
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I definitely get the ff12 Arcadia feel. :nod:
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This reminds me of Arcadia 400af in FFXIII-2. You should be a video game environment designer. someone should be paying you to work
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I can definitely feel the Final Fantasy in this. Really good work.
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