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This is so pretty. Want to visit :)
Another life, another universe perhaps!
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This is a very inspirational piece of work. Amazing!
VERY NICE, Thank you ;)
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i'd like to spend some holidays here
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I don't like it. The settlement ruins it. It makes it ugly. 
Which one? the large city with the blue roofed palace on the right, the small town on the left, or both?
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The whole complex sitting on top of the water fall. Water falls look better with pure nature. Maybe move it on the slopes of one of those hills and you might have something majestic. 
Hmm, I see what you're saying and I completely respect your opinion. I do see problems with a city like that near a waterfall. (Take this from someone majoring in the construction field so I know a bit.)
The risk of boaters and swimmers falling off and it does kinda remove the beauty of the landscape. Oh and eroding land isn't good for cities either. Also having a city near a waterfall like that isn't too useful for trading goods down the river because you need to be able to navigate that river for it to be useful and that's hard to do climbing down a giant cliff.

But I do come with counter arguments as well. In order for a city to be successful in those times, it would need to be near water and I assume the more water nearby for fishing, drinking, and other stuff which is useful and the area by the waterfall seems to be the widest. Also take into account the city interior. They may have thought sacrificing the beauty of the landscape was worth it to magnify the beauty of the city.
If I was the city's architect, I wouldn't have put such an important settlement by such a waterfall. Maybe a vacation town for royalty and nobility but not a major city (Especially a capital city.) and I definitely wouldn't put it on top of one but maybe near it. 
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I would definitely live there!!  lol  Great work!
omg I'm dying.
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you know usually cities are founded around the river, but it looks like they let the river go around the city and even put a super high bridge over it,
do they hate the river?
How can they wash their cloth or get rid of their stuff if they have to walk all across the city to get to it?
It's a possible concept, but very unlikely.
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wow ... that's just stunning ! really !Vivi Icon 
I imagined something similar. Funny for me to find you did too.
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can i live there????
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another my fave art from mr tyler,
still confuse how to draw tiny small house like this art,
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Your beautiful art have been feature here: :hug:
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