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The Stars Fled South

Just some abstract space scene thingy. I like the colors. Super colorful. Much Like. Good Stuff.

Done in Photoshop, about 3 hours.



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I saw this photo as the background of a "progressive trance" song on YouTube and I immediately set out to find who made it. I have to say that your work is amazing and it really provides a new view on, well, space. People have a set image of space in their heads and seeing this changes how I see it in a really amazing way. Taking the time to make something like this is really cool and its interesting to just look at the pictures, finding all the different colors and shapes. I look forward to more pictures like this from you, and I plan on saving them and using them as various backgrounds on my devices.
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Wow that's is amazing its really pretty. How did you do it? U love the pretty colours. Its really colorful
Have you done/considered to do a timelapse of one of your abstract style drawings? I'd really, really love to see one of those.
Keep up the good work, you're the reason I started browsing deviantart :)
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unfortunately I don't have the software to screen capture. My cpu is a piece of crap and refuses to let me add or remove and software. Maybe in the future I will, I know I need to. Thanks
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Love it, reminds me a little of pollock with the actionpaintings

Have you ever made a actionpainting? 
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Huh. This is interesting, I like it.
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Great work!! The colors are very exciting
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love the colors!
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stunning work, it's got a great raw feel to it. the colours are lovely~ i love how vibrant they are!
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That looks really good! Wish I could make something like this!
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Fucking awesome !
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Nicely done. Very reminiscent of Sci-fi paperback covers of the late '60s and early - mid '70s. Just wondered if you were trying for that or if that's just the way it came out?
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Another awesome piece! Great job!
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Colorful... I'd love to see what it would be like if the colors (not the alpha) were reversed.
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This is absolutely awesome!!, *favourites, favourites, favourites...
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amazing! *immediately adds it to favourites*
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