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April 13, 2013
The Monster Within by *TylerCreatesWorlds
Suggested by galacticfan
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The Monster Within



Got bored, did some painting, this is the result. Not one of my better ones but I feel like I'm really getting my technique down. Let me know what you think about it.

Hand painted in Photoshop, about 7 hours
No textures, photos, or fractals.


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To make a beautiful composition out of space nebulae seems to be quite a challenge, so congratulations on a job well done here. The colors are excellent and really show every range of hue from orange to blue. The gradual color transition gives it a glowing, mysterious look which is perfect for a painting of space. One of the most unique things about this painting is the range in the color of the stars and the balancing effect they have. Although I've seen many paintings of outer space similar to this, yours stands out among the rest. The intricacy of the light sources and the transparency of the clouds make this an impressive and beautiful piece.