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The Ghost Nebula

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By TylerCreatesWorlds   |   
© 2012 - 2020 TylerCreatesWorlds
This image is ©2012 StarArmy.com Link

Another quick painting for you all. About 6 hours I'd say. Let me know what you think.

Painted in Photoshop
No photos, textures, or fractals.

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This is an amazing piece that we legitimately didn't realise was a painting until we decided to look for the origin of this piece that inspired one of our own works- the slog through like, ten pages of pinterest and weheartit (despite saying to google "don't include this site, or this site") in three iterations of search terms (even despite using the image we saved years ago when we saw this in a photoset of nebula photos and our mind went "oh my gosh it looks like dragon I love it we should draw something based on it it's great" as Image Search basis) was worth finding this
(... and also makes me want to assassinate pinterest, and other reposters have made it so hard to find this origin point (and oh my g od that people edited out the signature that's... I'm made of fury and tired sadness at the whole thing))

Your works are all gorgeous and you have some real skills.

Anyway, thank you for creating this piece, and inspiring one of our own, even if the way we originally came across it wasn't the way it should have been.
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To-mosHobbyist General Artist
It took me forever to find the original artist of this piece! So many wallpaper sites have stolen this and edited out the artists signature :/
This person even stole it on DA. Galaxy Blue-Feer by FeerChyys
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zombieoceanHobbyist Traditional Artist

Me too!!

I can't believe I have finally found the artist nervous neko emoji

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CKReevesHobbyist General Artist
Holy... Wow... I feel like I'm drowning just looking at this!
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CyanogenbotHobbyist Interface Designer
heey dude, ive made a photoshop for my friends youtube channel banner hess very small but i wanted to ask if im allowed to use it and upload it because we dont want any copyright issues
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Wes-of-StarArmyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi I'm the owner and you are not allowed to use it. See stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=…
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C'est juste magnifique !!! Waouh Trophy +favlove 
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Hi, I was looking to use this as a wallpaper but it seems the highest resolution I can find is 1920x1080. I would ask if there is a higher resolution available - if possible - in order to consider use on a dual-monitor setup. Thanks!
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This is the most beautiful painting I've ever seen
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TylerCreatesWorldsProfessional Digital Artist
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CoonpeltStudent Digital Artist
what brushes do you use? I wish I could be as good as you D: it looks beautiful! <3
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Just clicked on Darren Cowley's board on pinterest.  There are other star trek pieces there using this as a background, with links to other sites.   I left a comment on one saying the background was done by you.

Hunt for spaceships on pinterest and you will find your art cropping up as backgrounds.  
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Seen what appears to be this piece being used as a background for the Enterprise-D on pinterest.  Below is a link to Cygnus-X.net.  I clicked on it, and it goes to a set of Enterprise-D schematics, but with no sign of the art.  
I've just gone back to pinterest and cannot find the pic.  The only clue is that it was under Russian lettering.

Also saw same pice but with USS Voyager on it with Darren Cowley's name under it.  You click on it and you go to his board.

I thought I'd let you know in case it's being used without your consent.  
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SaephireArtStudent Digital Artist
hey, still don't know if you allow people to use your work, but it's used on this one...

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UntamedUnwantedHobbyist Writer
Hi Tyler, I would like to apologise to you because I have been alerted that something I created was actually created with a stolen image from you. I got the stock pack from here to create that artwork Galaxy Texture Pack by ResourcesPhotoshop1
and sincerely apologise. I am removing the image from my page now due to www.behance.net/StefanHuerlema… 's pointing out that this image has been stolen from you. Once again, my humblest apologies.
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Wes-of-StarArmyHobbyist Digital Artist
I know this is a slow reply but thanks for being a responsible content creator, I really appreciate it.
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Saraeustace91Hobbyist General Artist
Great wallpaper :)
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Is that really yours? If yes.. wow, great. I'm using it already since years as a wallpaper & I'm still loving it. Thank you! :)
Sorry for my bad english.
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TylerCreatesWorldsProfessional Digital Artist
its really mine. and probably my most stolen image (by other sites)
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Love the colours! 
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haszardStudent Digital Artist
why is it called the ghost nebula anyways?
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TylerCreatesWorldsProfessional Digital Artist
I don't really know, It just sounded like a cool name.
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