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Its been almost a year since I did An Artist's World, I have a grown a lot as an artist since then, and I really wanted to improve on this picture. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I think I've got my nebula building down, now I just need to work on my terrain and 3d modeling.

Terragen 2
3ds Max

Wharthog model LINK
Nebula brushes LINK These were really helpful. I highley recomend you check em out.

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jleegrey's avatar
This is simply breath taking.
mattis777's avatar
WOW!!! Absolutely stunning!! 
judaskimmy's avatar
amazing dude, u really got some abstract art wallpapers of galaxy.
Fanofmanythings1's avatar
this simply amazing do you think you could do a background for me
TylerCreatesWorlds's avatar
Idk, I'm pretty full up with commissions at the time. Maybe later down the road.
BlackDragonOfTheMoon's avatar
This is really pretty. I adore those vibrant colors of the nebulae, they almost looks like explosions. :clap: Or are they supposed to be explosions? :3
Moreover I've noticed this little guy in the lower center of the picture. To me it looks like he's painting, is that the case? :3
All in all I really like this picture. Space art is surely one of the most mesmerizing areas to capture and create in pictures. :love:
TylerCreatesWorlds's avatar
Thank you. No, they're not supposed to be explosions though it does resemble that, and yes that man is painting. Hints the title.
BlackDragonOfTheMoon's avatar
It's quite adorable how small he is in the picture. And it's somewhat ventured to paint in space. :giggle: But the idea itself is quite unique. <3
quasihedron's avatar
Nice work! Is that you on doing the "pleine space" work? :? :rofl: :iconspacemoteplz::iconandarocketshipplz:
Well done! :D :iconnightlaunchplz:
overseer's avatar
Nice work again. You can see the growth, however, it's a tas too colorful for me in the nebulas. Maybe a little less color or a more singular color choice. That's would have been what I'd have done, but that doesn't negate the fact that it's a very well done piece!
TylerCreatesWorlds's avatar
Yeah, its way too colorful. Its still an early piece, so its good for what it is.
Fanofmanythings1's avatar

what studio did you use


TylerCreatesWorlds's avatar
No studio, just photoshop
overseer's avatar
Oh yeah. I balme my 80s/90s syndrome. The memory of those overly colorful clothing items still give me eye cancer..... ;)
TylerCreatesWorlds's avatar
I hear that, 80's fashion is wack.
overseer's avatar
For the most part anyways!
overseer's avatar
blame* and whatnot...
Drydareelin's avatar
Amazing beyond words. Good job my friend!
KatChimera's avatar
Wow, this looks amazing!!! The sky, terrain, and planets are all amazing. If I had to critique anything it would be the person looks a little bit like a cut out. Other than that, this is amazing!
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