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Eye for an Eye

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Been wanting to make a nebulae like this for a while now. I think it looks pretty okay. Spent a lot of time on the shape of this bad boy. It's an eye, if you couldn't tell.

Painted in photoshop about 7 hours
No textures, fractals, or photos.

Fav, comment, and all that jazz

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Are there larger resolutions available? I see only 1400x875 available.

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Nanovirus59Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Very striking! A wonderful dance between blisteringly hot blues/whites to cooler oranges/reds. Incredibly fine detail throughout the piece with no visible lacking sectors anywhere. Truly wonderful and majestic piece.

Where to improve; After studying a photo of a real nebula (Helix Nebula) I noticed that the detail of the "debris" between the super nova and the space dust is being thrown away from the center in a very direct manner (imagine 1 point perspective lines). In your painting however, there are, in my opinion, too many wispy tails that seem to sway around too much that show it wasn't that strong an explosion (the blue sector). Another thing I noticed that although the very fine lines within the clouds add an incredible level of detail, some areas of the lines look very much like they were in fact drawn and not "formed in space". I would recommend running a smudge pass over these lines just to break up the perfect flow of them. It's a time consuming process but it makes the clouds look that much more fuller, fluffier and realistic. This is of course if your intended effect was to be super-realism. Otherwise, truly beautiful.
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layerZeroHobbyist Digital Artist
Such excellent brushwork, this is incredibly realistic! Your hard work paid off sir
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VictorLincolnPineProfessional Digital Artist
A lens to the Expanse,

An Eye toward the Unknown,

Just look through it,

If you will take that Chance,

And the Universe you will be Shown.
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Wow- just beautiful! 
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HenkyoProfessional Digital Artist
Red and Green.
Blue and Orange.
Yellow and Purple.  

Two different colors that are the opposite to one another, just like in the color wheel. :) (Smile)

Now that's very creative.

Anyway, Nice image. ;) (Wink)
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This is so beautiful I it looks like the eye of God
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this is a very creative art piece!!!.......loving it
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TylerCreatesWorldsProfessional Digital Artist
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JAMarlowProfessional Digital Artist
I love how the individual elements completely look like nebula and gas clouds, but as a whole it has the appearance of a glowing eye. Also love the colors you chose! I definitely added this to my favorites!

I would like to add this to the "Spacescapes - Digital" gallery at the Space-Vistas group. (And, of course, you are welcome to join the group!)
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KamaneMikitoHobbyist General Artist
Idk if this is ok to ask but... How do you do it? I really want to make art like this, I can't find any youtube videos on the basic setup, like what do you do? This is gorgeous.
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TylerCreatesWorldsProfessional Digital Artist
I have a tutorial in my gallery, feel free to check it out.
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KamaneMikitoHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!
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MissingBlue Digital Artist
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SketchyScrollsStudent General Artist
This is the Helix Nebula. They drew it, it's really good
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MissingBlue Digital Artist
Yeah i searched up a picture of the helix nebula for a school project and i was not expecting to be a digital painting lol
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SketchyScrollsStudent General Artist
Oh coolio
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LilyasProfessional General Artist
Very nice interpretation of the Helix Nebula. I as a Photoshop expert wonder how you have done it. :confused: Awesome work!
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Gaoxing86Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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jaydenProfessional Digital Artist
Incredible work. Would like to see a version without the bright start in the centre of the pupil too. Amazing stuff.
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Honestly thought this was a photo from a telescope.  Magnificent. 
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Beautiful galaxy picture
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