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Embers in the Dust



Bored today, thought I'd give you all some eye candy to get you through the week. So slap this on your desktop and start peeping.

Done with Photoshop in about 6 hours. All done with a super sweet round brush.


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i wanted to start by saying, i love ALL of your deviations! so, this critique may be slightly biased!

When i saw the thumbnail for this pic, i actually thought it was a real nebula. I'm constantly inspired by these astronomical bodies, they are so formless, yet inspiring, and you have captured that perfectly!

You have also taken depth into account. in the foreground, we have several stars with lens flares/spikes (I believe that's the term!) and in the distant background, there are red stars that appear to have been shifted by the Doppler effect.

The form itself is magnificent! my eye flows in a cycle from the large bright mass on the right, down to the left, back up to the star in the centre, then to the left star, and finally, back up to the closest star to the viewer.

As per my personal critique process, I'm apt to provide some 'negative feedback' in addition to positive. However, I cannot in any way, say something it wrong here, I can only say, maybe next time make it purple for me? xD