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**** Please download to see all the fine details I put into this.****

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So here it is... My latest and greatest creation yet. I've spent most of the last month working on this so its been a long time coming.

Im really happy with how the nebula turned out. I went through about 10 different nebulas before I eventually combined all the good parts into one nebula, which actually worked suprisingly well. It was all hand painted by the way. Thanks to my handy dandy Intuos 4.

The terrain was done in Terragen 2 DE. I went through about 5 different renders just to get the lighting right. I then decided I would take the extra step and render it again with ray traced shadows enabled. At about 200 hours of rendering (yes, 200 hours. My computer sucks) a storm cuased the power to flicker, restarting my computer. I nearly threw it off a roof once I got home from work and found out. So I decided to stick with the render I already had, ray traceless.

I used a refrence pic of myself for the painter.
Planet terrain was made using images from Google Earth.
Cloud map

Comments and critiques are encouraged.

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