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Whats a Sunday without a nebula painting for my lovely people. No textures no fractals (fractals are for the weak) just a good ole round brush. I'm getting pretty quick with these. About 6-7 hours on this one.

Let me know what you think

FAV, DOWLOAD, ENJOY. Simple enough
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Beautiful and remarkably intense without being over-bearing. This is so divine and so wonderful. Though, when closer, it seems a bit more scribbly than I had thought. I do wish that there was a little more chaos in your colors. It's very path-like - not that that is wrong. But, it's space.

Regardless! This is beautiful. This is stunning. This is enchanting. And, I can not seem to stop staring.

There have been many Space Shots, but this one seems to wish to stay with me... And I LOVE Space. This piece will stay with me for a long while yet. Thank you for creating this.
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This reminds me of the nebula from Toonami's event Countdown!
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May I have the coordinates, please? I want to jump in my FTL ship and go there. Beautiful!
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This is too beautiful.
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You've captured such intense colors and a great sense of dimension in this piece! Lovely work.

Do you allow pieces like these to be used as stock photos?
Man if you could do a tutorial on your process, or even a time lapse of your process with commentary, that would be fantastic :) I love your work here, it's phenominal!
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This is beautiful man, watching your work progress over the years has been a true joy. Keep it up. :+fav:
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Love this amazing colors!
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I guess The eagle has risen in the eagle nebula inspired you for this one.
I really like it
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Gotta love that Eagle Nebula. Thanks!
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More beautiful than the real thing...
Amazing, stunning work!
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HOW??? How do you create such awesomeness? A special brush maby?
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I use a soft round brush to paint, and my own cloud smudge brush to blend.
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Thanks! Your art is amazing!
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Beautiful work!

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I've been thinking what to say for quite a long time,
I found that I'm speechless :)
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A.MA.ZING !!! :jawdrop:
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