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Very cool, been looking for inspiration for a kraken tattoo for ages and this is perfect!
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I love it! Great work!
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Love the texture on this
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Yaaas, so the piece is yours. This is the one I was talking about in my note!
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This is very cool. My first thought was that it was an amazing woodcut, but then I'm an old guy and still getting used to digital art. 
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Amusingly, someone actually did make a rather nice woodcut of the design for their high shcool art class. I was humbled. 
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Hey dude, any chance i could use this as a non-profit event poster? you will be credited!  cheers
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You can email me at and we can discuss the specifics. I would like to know what the non-profit event is for, as long as it's not for clubbing seals for fun club or anything should be okay.
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I had a dream almost just like this before :O
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Are you asian by chance?
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Radical! I see glimmers of Mignola & Skottie Young in this.
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Well that is quite the compliment. Thank you.
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Frak-N Awesome! 
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Your face is frak n awesome.
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Thank you, you're pretty awesome yourself.
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Thank you, I rather enjoyed working on it.
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Would you ever consider giving a random stranger permission to use this as a major inspiration for a sleeve? :)
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I've had a few other people get it tattooed. My only stipulation is that you send me a picture.
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