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analothor2's avatar
fuck the new 52, this image needs The the hunter 
SuperheroSpot's avatar
STUNNING! We can only hope WB produce such good posters for the eventual Justice League films. Keep up the good work man.
BenBefore's avatar
This should be the movie poster.
TylerChampion's avatar
Yeah go tell WB for me.
Bobthegreatorcslayer's avatar
This is just so stunning! Excellent work!
k3rches's avatar
Would love to see if you made more photos like.
SPCG's avatar
Wrong, Batman is all of the above. well.. cuz.. you know... he is Batman.
chopperman69's avatar
the new 52 justice league may be a bunch of douchebags (if justice league:war is any indication) but this is simply superb!, excellent work sir or madame
TylerChampion's avatar
I actually haven't read any of the new 52. Just kind of wanted to give drawing them a shot. Thank you, glad you like it.
chopperman69's avatar
well i have read the first volumes for Batman, Wonder Woman, and Earth 2 and I really enjoyed them so some of the new 52 is actually good
TylerChampion's avatar
I hear good things about WW and I have read Death of the family.
chopperman69's avatar
yeah how was the leatherface Joker (and arc in general) ?, I love the Joker but the whole faceless thing just seems silly :joker: 
TylerChampion's avatar
The face thing came across as unnecessary and over the top. The story was just alright in my opinion.  
chopperman69's avatar
well that just sucks Sad Drunk 
Yes, how can I get my hands on this poster as well?!
TylerChampion's avatar
Send me an email at and we can discuss it my man.
If this was a poster….mother of god!!!
TylerChampion's avatar
I can get you a print if you are interested.
Yeah I would be interested.
Warslothmonger's avatar
Absolutely head over heels for this! Awesome work, wish this was a poster on my wall haha
TylerChampion's avatar
I can make that happen.
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